8 March 2016

Important announcement

We at eCPD were very sad to hear that the Alexandria Library ceased trading last week. We have followed their progress and are full of admiration for the work that Siegfried Armbruster, Anne Diamantidis and Delphine Guérou have carried out over the past years.

We have been in touch with key people at Alexandria and have now arranged to host the second half of the medical webinar series by Pablo Mugüerza for Spanish translators, arranged for April, May and June 2016. Customers who had already paid Alexandria for a seat on these webinars will be able to attend the rearranged events completely free of any further charge. We are trying to ensure that the webinars will be held on the same days at the same times.

For details of these webinars scroll down to the end of this message.

eCPD is also offering to host the videos of past webinars. These are the property of the individual trainers, and we are issuing invitations to the trainers to use our platform to make them available for sale to the public. However we make it clear that eCPD has not taken on any of Alexandria’s responsibilities, debts or obligations. We are therefore unable to provide access to any videos that Alexandria customers may have purchased in the past.

We have already written to everyone who has paid for a seat at one of Pablo’s upcoming webinars with further information.

“We are delighted to be able to help. The situation is very sad, and we wanted to be able to step in and help as much as we could,” said Lucy Brooks, Managing Director of eCPD Webinars. “Alexandria was very strong on medical CPD for translators. Although we had our own programme in this area, it was much smaller. However, we will now work even harder to provide top quality CPD for medical translators, while also continuing our strong line in other sectors.

“The former staff of Alexandria have been incredibly supportive and I thank Delphine Guérou and Phil Dickaty for their efforts to find this solution for disappointed Alexandria customers,” continued Lucy. “I am incredibly sad about this situation. Alexandria was a beacon of light in a stormy sea for many translators – especially medical translators.”

Upcoming information


We now have arranged four webinars for medical translators. The first of these takes place on 15 March 2016 and is entitled Blood Tests Made Easy – aimed at medical and pharma translators. The speaker is Jason Willis-Lee

The next series of three will be given in Spanish by  Pablo Mugüerza The first of these, on Immunology and Allergies can be booked here.  The second is on Genetics and Cancer, and the third on Infectious diseases. Buy all three and obtain a 10% discount.






  1. Elisabetta

    thank you for the opportunity you are giving us to attend the webminars on your platform. I purchased a OmegaT training course at the Alexandria Library. I would like to ask if it will be possible to access this course on this platform and when.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,

    • Thanks for your comment on the website. I should make it clear that we have not taken on Alexandria’s responsibilities, obligations, debts, or their past videos. I understand that the videos have been returned to the speakers/presenters. I do not even know who they are, so I’m afraid I cannot help.
      We have merely taken on 4 webinars that were set in the future. No arrangements have been made with regard to past videos.
      Very sorry about this, but eCPD cannot be responsible.
      Kind regards