Business and translation – free resources for linguists

Continuing in line with our mission and CPD commitment, we’re launching another set of free resources for linguists, this time with the focus on the business of translation and translating business texts.

If you’ve seen our previous announcements, for example on legal translation CPD, you’ll know how it works: we ask you to sign up to our resource list and we send out emails with useful resources, such as blogs, articles, courses and videos (free and paid) every 30 days to keep you on the right track with your CPD. There are further mailing lists for financial, interpreting, tools and research, creative and literary, and science and technology translation or by searching for them on our blog spot.

This month we’re presenting business and translation resources:

Once every 30 days you’ll be receiving links to glossaries, articles, blogs and training courses in the area of tools and resources for linguists to support your development as a professional. Here’s a sample of our resources:

EnMast -a blog of small business community of business owners committed to being better leaders and growing better businesses.

Financial planning – tips for freelancers.

Cash Flow Tips for Freelance Translators – advice for freelancers.

Plus, we’d like to encourage you to share all resources you’ve found useful in comments below. We’re sure that all colleagues would appreciate it!


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