Are you committed to professional development? Let it show!

It’s our great pleasure to launch our Committed to Professional Development scheme and we’d like to encourage you to take part. The scheme, comprising our Committed to Professional Development badge and a CPD Manifesto, has been put in place to help you showcase your commitment to the highest standards and dedication to CPD in the translation profession.

You can access the scheme by downloading the badge, placing it on your website, social media profiles and other documents and linking it back to the CPD Manifesto.

Plus, of course, you need to stand by what the Manifesto says as well. In order to fulfill it, we encourage you to start keeping an updated CPD plan. If you don’t have one of your own, use ours.

There are several benefits of belonging to the Committed to Professional Development scheme:

  • Endorsing professional development among translators
  • Elevating your positioning with respect to your clients
  • Showing to clients that true professionals engage in CPD
  • Motivating yourself to engage in CPD
  • Having a point of reference for all your CPD efforts

Does that sound right? Here’s the code you need to copy and paste to place the badge on your website (you can install it yourself or send it to your webmaster):

<a href=””><img src=”×108.png” alt=”PD Badge” width=”300″ height=”108″ class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-9160″ /></a>

If you have any problems with the code, you can also download the badge here and link back to the CPD Manifesto.

Here’s the badge and the CPD Manifesto. Are you in?

CPD Badge

I believe in the highest standards of professional conduct in my translation or interpreting business.

I am committed to a process of life-long learning in my chosen profession.

I comply with the generally accepted rules of professional conduct.

I plan my CPD on an annual basis and take responsibility for maintaining my learning objectives and career goals.

I keep a record of the CPD I undertake and am happy to provide details to my clients.

I think about each course, workshop, and presentation that I attend and assess its value within my CPD plan.

I reflect on the opportunities that the course, workshop or presentation in question has opened up to me.

Each year I review and reflect upon the CPD I have undertaken during the year, and build on what I have learned to plan my next learning objectives.

I incorporate the knowledge I gain from my CPD activities into my work and ensure that my clients benefit from my enhanced expertise.

I strive to enhance my own standards through consistent CPD.

I believe that my commitment to CPD is beneficial to my clients because they know that I am a committed professional who is constantly maintaining and enhancing expertise.


    • Dear Clive
      I’ve passed this on to the webmaster. You can also download the badge and insert it to your web page or social media outlets, rather than copying the html code.

    • Our webmaster suggests that it could be because your site is a Proz site. It might not work there. It’s working well for other domains. The best suggestion is to download it (from the same blog post) and pop it onto your profile there.

  1. Hi!
    I had the same issue as Clive mentioned above, and it’s because the html code is broken – the use of both curved and straight quotation marks makes the URLs invalid, and also the link to the image file is wrong.

    Please try this code instead:

    I used that on my blog, and it works.

    • Hi Inma, that’s weird because I copied the code and it worked straight away on my website ( – no problems with quotation marks or the link. Maybe it’s a browser issue?

  2. Sarah McDowell

    Thanks for this great initiative! It’s strange because the badge does not work properly on my profile or website but works perfectly on my LinkedIn profile. I used the exact code that you specified. I’m wondering if something may be wrong with this part of the code: class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-9160″

    • That’s weird, because it works just fine on my website! You can download the image of the badge and upload it to your website manually. Let me know how you’re getting on with it.

  3. Claire Sjaarda

    Hi Lucy, Marta, Maia, Jessie,
    What a great initiative, thank you! I have just downloaded the badge, linking it back to the manifesto and I am currently planning my cpd for the 2015-2016 year.
    Thanks again, Claire Sjaarda

  4. This is an excellent initiative. I do feel a bit of a traitor, though, because although I did take an online course managed by eCPD Webinars this year, the next two training activities (actually four, if you count a fiction writing course, and the intention to learn a new CAT tool once I purchase it) have nothing to do with eCPD!
    Something suggested in Marta Stelmaszak’s Business School for Translators which struck as useful was keeping an up-to-date list of meaningful training events attended. One can very easily lose track!

  5. Sofia A. W.

    Hello and thank you for this excellent CPD idea.
    Unfortunately, the link didn’t work and I am not sure how to add the badge (that I downloaded from the “here”)to my public profiles (Proz, Linkedin) and linked to the Manifesto.
    Thank you

    • Hi Sofia! The best way to place the badge on your Proz profile is to use the prepared code above (I can’t paste it here again because it’s rendering it instead of giving code) – it’s the bit in blue indented.

      For LinkedIn, all you need to do is to upload the badge under the relevant position as an image. Let me know if you need more help!

    • Hi Joanna
      For LinkedIn, all you need to do is to upload the badge under the relevant position as an image.
      You can save our picture as an image on your PC. Right click on the badge image at the top of the page and save it as an image. I hope this helps.

  6. It would be great if there was a website where (1) CPD training we did with ecpdwebinars, proz, etc was automatically recorded, or could be recorded via links (2) where we had a general CPD profile that we could add to, including perhaps other means of verification (3) the option to make it viewable to potential clients (4) periodic email reminders to undertake CPD/make a CPD entry (like a brief questionnaire – in the past 3 months have you (a) (b) (c)…..). Of course, ecpdwebinars, proz and LinkedIn go some of the way…

    • Thanks for the suggestion Peter. ITI already has an option for its members to do this and I believe that CIOL is working on one. I have noted your comments and will pass it on to a forward planning think-tank to see if it’s feasible.

  7. Has anyone got the code to work on a (i.e. NOT self-hosted) website? I could get a little question mark in a box to appear on my site, with a functioning link to the Manifesto page. Or I could upload the CPD image to my site but without it functioning as a link. I couldn’t see a way to get the image to function as a link, which is what I think the html code is intended to do.

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