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3D Printing: Technology & Applications

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, turns digital files into solid objects by building them up in layers. Already it is possible to 3D print in plastics, resins, reinforced plastic composites, metals, ceramics, concrete, food substances and living human cells. It is therefore not surprising that 3D printing has been hailed as the Next Industrial Revolution.

This video teaches you about:

  • The seven main 3D printing technologies as defined under ISO/ASTM 52900, and their associated terminology.
  • The four main areas of 3D printing application (rapid prototyping, the production of moulds and tooling, the direct digital manufacture of final products and personal fabrication).
  • How 3D printing is currently being applied in the direct digital manufacture of aerospace and automotive components, medical devices, jewellery and other designer goods.
  • Likely future 3D printing developments, including bioprinting.


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Christopher Barnatt

Christopher is well known in the 3D printing community, and is the author of 11 books on computing, technology and the future, including two books on 3D printing. He works freelance as a futurist and keynote speaker, and runs ExplainingTheFuture.com, ExplainingComputers.com and their associated YouTube channels. Prior to this he spent 25 years lecturing in Nottingham University Business School, where he spent seven years as Director of Undergraduate Programmes. His 12th book – 3D Printing: Third Edition – is published in November 2016.


1 hour 11 min.

Who should watch it?

Technical translators wishing to gain insights into this area of manufacturing, and thus take a step forward into the next industrial revolution.

What are the benefits to you?

Insights from an expert in the field of additive manufacturing (3D printing) and an understanding of the technologies, applications and future developments.

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  1. Joanna Waller

    Utterly gripping. Quite apart from its usefulness in my translation work, Christopher is an excellent and engaging speaker, and the whole subject is fascinating. He showed how it all works, and how it is a burgeoning market with lots of opportunities for this technology.
    Thank you very much

  2. Michele Grange

    Probably the most interesting webinar I’ve attended! This was a very enjoyable presentation giving a fascinating insight into this technology, which has many more applications than I had realised. Highly recommended.

  3. Leena Kinnunen

    An excellent webinar; very informative with a comprehensive overview of different technologies and applications as well as industry trends and future opportunities. Presentation was highly engaging, logical and easy to follow, with a lot of pictures and fascinating facts. Especially useful if you are considering this as an area to specialize in.

  4. Päivi Turunen

    I simply wanted somebody to explain the basics of 3D printing, and I got that and so much more. I can’t believe how much information could be crammed in in such a short time and in a format that was easy to digest even by a layperson like me. Thank you for a very informative and carefully thought-out webinar.

  5. A truly wonderful webinar with all the right ingredients: a really great topic, excellently structured and presented by a very good and entertaining speaker, accompanied by extra written material to learn more about the subject. Don’t miss the chance to watch this webinar, you won’t regret it.

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