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Abstracting French Contracts for Legal Translators

Working with French and English? This ninety-minute in-depth webinar will help you get clients in North America and help you learn more about contracts.

Would you like to learn more about French contracts by Legal translatorsacquiring a new, marketable skill? Contract abstraction is key for contract management and this can help you get work from legal clients in USA and Canada. By learning how to do this, you will also understand the contract build and improve your translation workshop! At the end of this webinar you will be able to identify the various standard clauses in a contract. You will also receive multiple precedents, which can form basis for a great translation memory or a glossary.

The “Abstracting French Contracts” webinar is designed to provide translators with a two-fold training experience. First, translators will learn how to identify the important standard provisions in a contract. Secondly, translators who wish to use their skills to abstract French contracts will learn how to do so using standard contract abstraction templates. At the end of this 90-minute webinar, attendees will be able to identify the various standard clauses in a French language contract and create an abstract from French into English. Webinar attendees will receive multiple precedent contracts.

All webinars are recorded: if you miss the live session, you will be able to view the recording later.


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Suzanne Deliscar

Ms. Deliscar (née White) was called to the Ontario Bar in 2004. As principal of Deliscar Professional Corporation, she focuses on matters involving both legal and language issues. Her practice was created through the combination of her language skills in French and Spanish and the practice of law in a variety of areas, including civil litigation, wills & estates, and family law.

Ms. Deliscar has extensive experience in the translation of a variety of legal documents. She has extensive experience in the translation of official documents, and has reviewed, analyzed and abstracted over 500 Spanish language contracts for a large multinational corporation. Ms. Deliscar is also experienced in providing document review in French.


12 February 2019


6:00 – 7:30 pm GMT. Click here to see the time where you live.


This webinar will last approximately 90 minutes plus Q&A.

CPD points

Each webinar earns one hour of CPD (ATA approved for one point). Our webinars and courses are accredited by the CIOL and by the Dutch Bureau Wbtv as ‘erkende opleiding’ (approved training). ITI members may also log these webinars as CPD hours. The same is true of most other professional institutes.

Who should watch it?

Translators who want to learn the useful skill of how to abstract French contracts.

What are the benefits to you?

At the end of this course, attendees will have learned how to identify important standard provisions in contracts, and how to abstract these provisions from French to English.

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  1. Richard Ough

    Do you mean contracts in the French language involving Canadian law I guess or contracts from France involving French law which I believe is somewhat different. Is law in Québec different from that of the other Provinces and similar to French law?

    • Thank you for asking, Richard, I believe that the examples will be taken from Canadian law, but the technique can be applied to other systems.

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