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All 139 lessons in business for translators in one free ebook

Between 2012 and 2016 I published articles amounting to around 92,000 words, all on my Business School for Translators blog. Structured in lessons, they’re a good source of business knowledge for translators and interpreters. Sometimes I even give you homework assignments! This ebook is a compilation of 139 lessons in business, marketing, branding, economics, networking and other freelance essentials. In this format, it may be easier for you to navigate through the lessons, work on them offline and make progress through the different areas covered.

This collection has a huge value to me. On average, I take about an hour to write 250 words. This means that the next 300 pages took me some 460 hours to write over the period of four years. It will also take you a considerable amount of time to read all these lessons. I promise it’s going to be time well invested, as long as you don’t just read, but also act.

I hope this ebook will help you advance your career as a freelance translator. Use it, share it and recommend it to others.

Add to My CPD Plan
Add to My CPD Plan