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Cardiovascular Science for Translators

eCPD is delighted to have obtained the services of Dr Michael Curtis of Kings College London to talk on cardiovascular science for translators. Cardiovascular science/medicine is awash with jargon. Dr Curtis will lead you through this, with the emphasis on generating a simplified lexicon of terms. It is not necessary to understand the science at a comprehensive level. Indeed it is more important to understand the context, the gravity of the terms, and be aware of the synonyms. The subject areas to be covered include the following:

An anatomical overview: the heart (chambers, valves, innervation), circulation, the kidneys (with reference to water homeostasis, relevant to hypertension and heart failure), functional variables and their meanings

The ECG: Chronotropy, Inotropy and lusitropy, cardiac output, determinants of blood pressure

Diseases of the heart: Hypertension, Atherosclerosis (coronary and general), Angina, AMI, Heart failure, Arrhythmias (atrial vs ventricular), Preconditioning, Myocardial stunning, Remodeling, Cardioplegia

Therapeutic drugs: Positive inotropes (digitalis), Inodilation, Antiarrhythmics, Nitrites, Calcium antagonists, Beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, Ca Sensitizers.


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Dr. Michael Curtis


1 hour 12 min.

Who should watch it?

Both new and established translators interested in medical translation.

What are the benefits to you?

This video will provide you with a simplified lexicon of terms related to cardiology, to help you tackle texts within this field of medicine.

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  1. Maia Figueroa

    We have collected some of the comments from the webinar viewers from the previous site. Here are some of them!

    Unmissable! Dr. Curtis’ presentation gives a clear and comprehensive overview on the matter and plenty of reference material for medical translators.

    This was my first webinar with eCPD and I found it very useful. I am starting out as a freelance translator specialising in the medical field and the presentation was a very detailed guide to cardiovascular science. It has given me an extremely useful resource to go back over again so I can familiarise myself with the vocabulary I might need when dealing with this type of texts. I’m looking forward to similar webinars on other medical topics in the future.

    I found this presentation very useful, as I often translate cardiology reports and need to have a good understanding of what I’m translating. I am not a doctor, so I did find that the level was quite advanced, but I realise that there was a lot of ground to cover and not really enough time.