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CPD Consultancy with Lucy Brooks


eCPD’s consultancy service for translators and interpreters is aimed at helping you set up and work on a professional development plan and is based upon the directors’ many years of experience in the profession.

We will discuss with you what you are seeking, and how you want your career to develop. After the initial online interview, we will carry out research and advise you accordingly. A second interview may be necessary. Watch this video to learn more…

Who is this service for?

This service is right for you if you’re just starting in the industry, either as a new graduate or a career changer. You’ll also benefit from this service if you’d like to move your existing career forward into a new direction or if you’re looking for inspiration. Our recommendations will be drawn from many sources including eCPD Webinars.

What’s included?

The consultancy service covers the following elements:

  • You fill out an initial discovery sheet with background information about you. Lucy uses this information to prepare more detailed questions for your interview.
  • You set up a date through a convenient and easy-to-use system for your fact-finding interview with Lucy via Skype lasting for 30-45 minutes.
  • Lucy then carries out research to answer your questions about the direction for your career, sets out recommendations and advises you on a career plan.
  • You receive your report within 7 days of your interview.

The Consultant

Lucy Brooks. I have over 30 years of self-employed business experience, 24 of them as a freelance translator. I have been actively involved in the promotion of continuing professional development (CPD) activities for eight years. I am a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL), a full member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), and a Chartered Linguist. I am based in the United Kingdom. I am a frequent speaker at conferences, exhibitions, and webinars on the subject of continuing professional development for translators and interpreters.

I am the founder and Managing Director of eCPD Webinars, an online CPD platform for language professionals. I am also a Career Consultant.

See my LinkedIn profile for further information.

What do others think about Lucy Brooks?Testimonial concept with globe on white background

“It has been wonderful to have Lucy as a close industry colleague. I’ve admired her ever since I first started practising as a translator and became aware of how she has revolutionised translator training through eCPD webinars. I met her in person at the Language Show Live after sitting in on her wonderfully informative presentation on CPD planning. Lucy is incredibly knowledgeable and lovely to talk to. I’ve since had the pleasure of collaborating her on a project I am launching in 2015 called Translators On… which brings together advice from prominent translators on a variety of industry-related topics. With Lucy’s vast experience and interpersonal skills, I can think of no-one better placed to guide industry newcomers towards achieving the best possible start to their career.” Lloyd Bingham, Capital Translations

“Lucinda was very helpful in taking me out of my confusion about the translation industry.
Now I can start working on this new career with more optimism.” DC, a client.

Testimonial concept with globe on white background

“Lucy was very approachable and friendly. She gave me a good overview of what would be involved in my choice of career. I wasn’t sure before of what would be required of me to achieve my goal. She covered everything I needed and wanted to know about the field I was interested in.” Jon, an early client.

Testimonial concept with globe on white background

“Lucy Brooks has been a colleague of mine for many years and I have met her on several occasions at CPD events. She is a very proficient translator and is very experienced at running CPD events.   Not only is she extremely helpful in advising people on how to start up in the translation profession, she is also the ideal person to go to if you wish to further your career in translation. ” Liz Stephens, Amsel Translations

“I’ve known Lucy for 22 years as a colleague and active member of the CIoL Translating Division. As a fellow moderator of the CIoL translators network TransNet Lucy has always been  extremely helpful and gone out of her way to advise newcomers to the profession on how toTestimonial concept with globe on white background get started and develop a thriving translating business. The combination of sound advice and a highly approachable and friendly manner have made Lucy a sought-after advisor. With eCPD Webinars Lucy has turned these skills into a thriving enterprise. She is committed to ensuring that our profession remains highly professional in an ever more competitive market and that newcomers have access to reliable professional advice.” Erika Baker, Director, Iolante Freelance Translators Franchise



Add to My CPD Plan
Add to My CPD Plan


  1. Karin ter Glane

    My consultancy session with Lucy was very inspiring. It has helped me to refocus and has given me fresh ideas about how to further develop my skills. It is all too easy to get stuck in a rut and getting professional advice at a very personal level from someone as approachable, friendly and perceptive as Lucy is a great motivator.
    Karin ter Glane, freelance translator and a happy client.

    • Thank you for your comment. But the hard work now begins. I am glad that I have been able to offer some guidance towards your next steps.

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