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Data Protection and Online Privacy for Language Professionals

Our private and professional lives happen increasingly online. However, we often compromise our privacy and put the integrity of data and information at risk. Public and private entities exploit that: invasive ads, tracking across websites, profiling, restrictive digital rights management, attacks on net neutrality, bulk data collection – the list goes on. It is time for language professionals to reclaim control, especially when handling client data, which can be sensitive or even confidential. This hands-on webinar tells you how.

You can attend one or both of these webinar. If you book both at the same time, we offer a 10% discount from the total cost of £50. Simply select the option and price you want. When you register on the webinars themselves, remember to do so for BOTH dates if you chose to attend both.

Lesson 1: Basics

  • Why you should care about your data and information
  • What Snowden, Manning and other whistleblowers disclosed
  • Basic concepts like encryption, net neutrality or bulk data protection – explained for ordinary humans
  • Essential tips and tricks for keeping your data and devices secure

Lesson 2: Advanced

  • Advanced tips and tricks to increase your security
  • Using VPN – with benefits
  • Ways to set up your own “private cloud”
  • Why online ads are even worse than you thought
  • How to fight the online cookie monsters
  • Advanced password management

All webinars are recorded: if you miss the live session, you will be able to view the recording later.


Alexander Drechsel

Alexander Drechsel is a conference interpreter with the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Interpretation. He grew up and went to school on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain. He studied interpretation at the universities of Leipzig, Mainz-Germersheim and Pyatigorsk (Russia). His languages are German (A), English (B), French and Romanian (C). He has two lovely kids, one lovely wife, zero pets and zero cars.
Alexander loves languages and communicating with people, but he also has a soft spot for technology, in particular mobile devices of all shapes and sizes: He has been an iPad user since the beginning and knows a thing or two about Android tablets, too. He shares what he knows in seminars, presentations and on his website www.adrechsel.de (where you can download his comprehensive Tablet Interpreter Manual).


11 and 18 October 2018


7 pm British Summer time. Click here to see the time where you live.


Approx. 60 minutes each lesson. There will be time for questions.

CPD points

Each of these two webinars earns one hour of CPD (ATA approved for one point). Our webinars and courses are accredited by the CIOL and by the Dutch Bureau Wbtv as ‘erkende opleiding’ (approved training). ITI members may also log these webinars as CPD hours. The same is true of most other professional institutes.

Who should watch it?

Anyone who uses a computer to handle and process personal and sensitive data.

What are the benefits to you?

After these two sessions you will have good knowledge of how to keep your own and others’ data secure.

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  1. Pamela

    Hi! I would like to know if you will talk about how the new GDPR law on data protection affects translation professionals.


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