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EMIR, AQR, SSM – what next? How translators can cope with the new environment

In the aftermath of the financial markets crisis, the financial services sector has been hit with a tsunami of new rules and regulations, as EMIR, AQR, SSM. EMIR, Dodd-Frank, mandatory central counterparty clearing, the Single Supervisory Mechanism, Asset Quality Review, ECB stress testing – these are just a few of the key words buzzing around.

For financial translators, this trend is both a challenge and an opportunity: we need to stay in tune with all the new concepts and acronyms; at the same time, the ever-growing volume of communications and reporting creates new business opportunities.

In this course, we look at the most important regulatory developments affecting the financial services sector and the linguistic challenges involved. We also discuss options for professional translators to identify and exploit business opportunities.


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Ralf Lemster


1 hour 30 minutes (part 1),

1 hour 26 minutes (part 2).

Who should watch it?

Translators with some experience of financial translation who wish to keep up with the rapid changes and developments that are typical of the financial services sector.

What are the benefits to you?

This webinar will increase your knowledge of the financial services sector from the point of view of translation.

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  1. Marta Stelmaszak

    We have collected some of the comments from the webinar viewers from the previous site. Here is one of them!

    I was able to grasp the content in terms of the level of technicality. As regards the level of helpfulness for our day-to-day work as specialist translators this was also good value. Much appreciated. This has been a good experience