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Medicina para traductores médicos series 2 video 6: Enfermedades infecciosas

¿Cuáles son los principales problemas de traducción que plantean los textos sobre enfermedades infecciosas?
¿Qué significa exactamente VIH/AIDS y cómo se traducen los términos más habituales? ¿Cómo se traducen las enfermedades causadas por parásitos que solo se dan en una zona del mundo concreta? ¿Hay alguna diferencia entre transmissible, communicable, contagious e infectious? ¿Cómo lo escribo: «Ébola», «Ebola», «ebola» o «ébola»?

Other videos in the series Medicina para traductores medicos 2 are: Aparatos urinario y reproductorLos sentidosBioestadistica, Inmunología y alergología, and Genética y cáncer. They can be purchased separately but if you purchase 6 of Pablo Mugüerza’s videos from series 1 or series 2 on medicine for (Spanish<>English) medical translators, we will give you a further 33.3% off the price. Choose six from his series (their titles all include the words Medicina para traductores médicos. Then apply discount code MEDMUG6 to a selection of six videos from series 1 and/or from series 2. 


Pablo Mugüerza

Pablo is a Spanish medical translator with almost 30 years of translating experience, both in-site (McGraw-Hill) and as freelance (most of the time). He received his medical degree in 1987, and since then he has worked for the most important translation agencies in Spain and abroad, and for most of major pharmaceutical companies and CROs. He is an external translator for the WHO in Geneva, Switzerland. He is one the major authorities in the translation of clinical trial protocols EN>ES, about which he has published a highly-demanded handbook. He has presented at many workshops, courses and conferences both in English and in Spanish, online and in several countries.


1 hour 43 minutes

Who should watch it

Medical translators working with Spanish in their language pair. It will be of special interest to newcomers to the field.

What are your benefits of watching

After this video you will be more aware of the principal problems of translation in this medical field.

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