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First Steps in Website Localisation

What is localisation? How can we adapt websites to other cultures? And why is it so important?

In this video you’ll learn about principles of website localisation and find out what are the components of a successful localisation process. The video also presents skills that translators need to be able to adapt and localise websites. The speaker helps you prepare for future website localisation projects, explain the purpose of main user interface elements and illustrate how different cultures may influence the way websites are perceived.


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Dorota Pawlak

Dorota is a qualified English-Polish and German-Polish translator and localiser. Her goal is to help businesses, organisations and individuals to communicate successfully with their partners and customers by overcoming the language barrier. And this is what she’s been doing since 2009. She specialises in localisation of websites, games and software, as well as in IT and photography texts and in the translation of technical documents in these fields.


52 min

Who should watch it?

The video is aimed at new translators or translators who want to expand their knowledge of localisation and website translation techniques.

What are the benefits to you?

By the end of the video you will understand what methods and techniques are used in website localisation and find out how to specialise in website localisation.

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