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A History and Exposé of the French Social Security System

This video is aimed at translators working in the French and English language pairs who wish to understand
the background of French social security system – social health and pension protection in France, compared with the UK.

The speaker, Georges Chaillier-Zeiler, is a native Frenchman, and an independent insurance broker based in London, one of the biggest insurance markets in the world. He is an expert in life assurance, pension and savings plans, as well as in employees’ medical health insurance for companies based in Belgium, France and the UK.

In an “interview” format with host Lucy Brooks, He first gives a history of social protection in health care and pensions in France, before embarking on a comparison between EU, UK , and French legislation, touching on public and private sector in health and retirement pensions. Some useful terminology in the field is offered.

The information is  presented in a mix of French and English.


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Georges Chaillier Zeiler

Georges Chaillier Zeiler of Zeiler Consultants, an independent insurance broker and consultant offering advice in line with changes in regulation, and the numerous and sometimes complex developments coming out of Europe. His firm specialises in the arrangement of group insurance.


59 min

Who should watch it?

The video will be suitable for any translator working in the French/English language pair who would like to get fully to grips with how health and pension insurance really works in France, with a comparison against the UK system.

What are the benefits to you?

After the video you will have a deeper understanding of the rationale behind current social security legislation in France and an insight into the terminology that comes into play in translations in the field.

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