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Getting Paid as a Translator: Your Due Diligence

eCPD is thrilled to welcome back Judy Jenner of Twin Translations to talk today about ways to protect yourself to ensure that you won’t suffer from defaulting clients, in other words, we’ll cover getting paid as a translator.

One of translators’ most frequent complaints is that some customers do not pay them for their hard work. This is a situation that should be avoided – and it can be done. The speaker presents some strong tools and strategies that should put you in a very strong position to get paid for each and every single project you take on. These tools include issuing a solid language services price quote for the client to sign before you start work, as well as tools that can help you research whether the customer you are about to work for is creditworthy. Essentially, translators give free credit to their customers by agreeing to get paid after they finish their work. What if we changed that model and asked for a portion of the payment up front? This webinar provides some important food for thought and some very specific information on how to protect yourself from those awful non-payers. The speaker is based in the US, and the webinar will also include information on collection procedures – should it come to that – tailored to both Europe and the US.


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Judy Jenner


1 hour and 12 minutes.

Who should watch it?

Both new and established translators wishing to protect themselves from defaulting customers and to learn more about getting paid as a translator.

What are the benefits to you?

You will be equipped with some tools and strategies to ensure that you are getting paid as a translator.

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  1. Judy Jenner comes up with another entertaining and informative webinar! Judy takes attendees through the process of researching clients, putting in place important procedures for quoting and invoicing, and chasing up payments covering US, European and other jurisdictions. There is a strong emphasis on having clear and robust quoting procedures in place so as to minimise the likelihood of a client defaulting on payment. Sensible and sound advice.

  2. Anne Quillevéré

    Great and really entertaining webinar filled with tips and useful information! Judy provides many examples and templates for quotes, letters, etc. Definitely a must-see webinar!

  3. Elena

    Interesting and easy to understand. Judy provides you with a lot of useful resources.If you are a freelance translator/interpreter, this is a must-see.

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