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Getting to Grips with Excel

What exactly can Excel do for you? Well, it won’t make the tea, but this Microsoft program contains a myriad of features to make your life easier. If you already use it to manage aspects of your business, if you sometimes translate .xls files, or even if you simply make use of your clients’ glossaries in Excel, join us to learn more about this amazing tool. Or, if the prospect of even opening an .xls file fills you with trepidation, use this opportunity to find out how you can benefit from a piece of software you already own. This course is designed to introduce you to a selection of Excel’s functions and formulae and demonstrate how they can be useful for translators.

Although Excel is usually associated with numbers, some of its formulae and functions are specifically designed to work with text. This makes it an extremely valuable tool when building and formatting glossaries, as it can produce results within minutes and avoid tedious manual work. The course demonstrates how Excel can also be very useful for keeping track of some aspects of your business with little effort.


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Ana Ricca


1 hour 17 minutes.

Who should watch it?

Both new and established translators with the interest in Excel and its uses.

What are the benefits to you?

This video will increase your knowledge about the uses of Excel in the translator’s workshop.

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  1. Lucy Brooks

    We have collected some of the comments from the webinar viewers from the previous site. Here they are!

    Extremely well organised and presented material with perfect scope for organising my own information. I thought I was well organised… until I saw how Ana operates!

    Excellent webinar; these webinars are always good value and valuable for one’s professional skills.