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Using IntelliWebSearch v. 5 to its fullest extent

Includes two complimentary one-year licence codes for IntelliWebSearch Version 5 (the period of validity commences from the date of purchase).

IntelliWebSearch is designed to save translators, interpreters, editors and terminologists time when searching the web. Pressing a convenient shortcut key copies selected text from your translation environment, opens your browser and sends the copied text to any number of search engines, on-line dictionaries or on-line encyclopaedias together with other customizable instructions. In this latest version IntelliWebSearch has been upgraded and has lost most of the arbitrary limitations found in previous versions. Enhancements include

  • unlimited groups with unlimited buttonsnewIWS
  • direct shortcuts for GroupSearches
  • unlimited Plurisearches
  • Redesigned wizard

The IntelliWebSearch program: If you are not yet an IntelliWebSearch Version 5 user, please download the program now. If you have never tried the tool before, you can ask for a two-month trial activation code during installation.

eCPD Webinars and Michael Farrell, the developer of IntelliWebSearch, offer you an exclusive 3-part on-line training course covering everything you need to know about IntelliWebSearch v. 5, aka “IntelliWebSearch (Almost) Unlimited”. IntelliWebSearch can greatly accelerate your translation speed by locating definitions, identifying prevalent usage or looking for existing translations on the web. Learn how to get the best out of this software by attending our 3-part video course with the developer Michael Farrell as your trainer.

Part 1

What is IntelliWebSearch 5 (basic features)?  Adding on-line resources using the Quick Wizard.

Part 2

Specific search techniques; adding specific search settings using the Quick Wizard.

Part 3

Adding on-line resources using the Step-by-Step Wizard and adding local dictionaries manually; further features; tweaking program settings.

“The basics” explains what IntelliWebSearch Version 5 does, deals with its basic features and shows how it can be used to speed up and simplify terminology searches on the Internet. It also illustrates how to add simple search settings using the Quick Wizard.

“Practical use” looks at the typical problems translators and interpreters have to face during their working day and explains how IntelliWebSearch Version 5 can be used to save standard settings and perform appropriate searches literally at the press of a button (keyboard shortcut).

“Customizing settings” looks at how to add and customize settings for on-line resources using the Step-by-Step Wizard and how to add settings for simple local dictionaries. It also gives a broad overview of some of the advanced features and a few tweaking hints.

Your trainer, Michael Farrell is the tool developer. No one knows how it works like he does. Even before developing the tool he was giving workshops on Web search techniques.


CIOL membership discount: 10% (the code is available on the membership page)


Michael Farrell

Michael is primarily a freelance translator and transcreator. Over the years, he has acquired experience in the cultural tourism field and in transcreating advertising copy and press releases, chiefly for the promotion of technology products. Being a keen amateur cook, he also translates texts on Italian cuisine.

Besides this, he is an untenured lecturer in computer tools for translation at the IULM University (Milan, Italy), the developer of the terminology search tool IntelliWebSearch and a qualified member of the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters (AITI).

Qualifications: BSc in Theoretical Physics.

Publications: A Tinkerer’s Guide to Structured Query Language in Déjà Vu X, 2005.

For further details see: http://www.transcreate.it/professional-profile/

CPD points

All eCPD Webinars are officially accredited by the CPD Standards Office, in partnership with the CIOL ( Provider cil_logo_50057number  50057). Further, the webinar earns one hour of CPD (ATA: one point) which you can use to keep a record of your CPD. Webinars and courses with eCPD Webinars are also officially accredited by the Bureau Wbtv as ‘erkende opleiding’ (approved training).

Who should watch it?

Translators of any level of experience. Some knowledge of searching on the Internet is required, though previous knowledge of IntelliWebSearch is not essential.

What are the benefits to you?

You will learn how to use IntelliWebSearch and improve your web searching skills. You will also receive two complimentary one-year licence codes for IntelliWebSearch Version 5 (the period of validity commences from the date of purchase).


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Add to My CPD Plan


  1. Gabriela Lozano

    I’d like to know if “Two complimentary one-year licence codes for IntelliWebSearch Version 5” means I do not have to pay for downloading the program.
    May I pay with Paypal?
    The course is in English, isn’t it?
    Thank you!

    • Dear Gabriela
      You do not have to pay to download the program. It starts off with a trial version and Michael will give you the codes to enable you to use it beyond the trial period.
      You may pay by Paypal. And yes, it is in English. Please write to the developer (Michael Farrell) for further details.
      Thanks for asking.

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