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Translating for humanitarian purposes – joining Translators without Borders

eCPD and Translators without Borders have come together to offer you a FREE video.

A world where knowledge knows no language barriers

Translators without Borders strive to provide people access to vital knowledge in their language by:

  • Providing aid in humanitarian crisis response through translation and interpreting
  • Providing translation and simplification services that are culturally appropriate, accessible and open-source
  • Building language translation capacity at the local level
  • Raising awareness globally of language barriers

During the video Translators without Borders’ Director of External Affairs, Amy Rose McGovern,  talks about the important work that the organisation is doing to provide access to vital information in a language that people affected by crisis can understand. Amy Rose will explain how you can get involved in this important work by joining a global community of 3,400 volunteer translators.

You can give something back to the world, doing what you love to do!


1 hour 2 minutes

Who should watch it?

Translators wishing to learn about the organisation’s humanitarian efforts and the ways they can help.

What are the benefits to you?

After this video you will have a clear idea about the work Translators without Borders do as an organisation. Volunteering can provide you with experience and skills that you can use to develop yourself and your business at the same time helping people and saving lives.

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