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Binding Agreements and Legal Principles for Translators

In this video, we discuss some of the recurring issues that freelance translators face when entering into binding agreements with agencies and/or direct clients, as well as some standard legal principles for translators that can help them make better and more informed decisions before signing. Even though each country has its own laws and statutes governing contract law, there are still some simple legal concepts that are common in most countries and which can prove to be very helpful for translators.

By the end of the video participants will:

1) Understand the different kinds of contracts that translators normally enter into and their defining characteristics.

2) Identify the main clauses that should be part of those contracts.

3) Identify the main clauses that should be avoided.

4) Understand the role of so-called “purchase orders” in the framework of translation contracts.


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Paula Arturo

Paula is a lawyer, translator, and Professor of Law. She is an independent lawyer-linguist for the United Nations Universal Periodic Review process of several Latin American States, a legal-linguistic consultant for various international organizations, and a member of the Public Policies Forum of the Supreme Court of Argentina. Throughout her career, she has translated several highly technical law books and various publications in international peer-reviewed journals for high-profile authors. As a result of her interest in academic and literary translation, she is an editor of the Law Journal of the University of Palermo and, as of November 2015, will be serving a two year term as Assistant Administrator of the American Translators Association’s Literary Division.

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1 hour 5 minutes

Who should watch it?

Any translator who enters into an agreement with clients.

What are the benefits to you?

After the video you will have a better understanding of the kinds of contracts your might be asked to enter into, and will be able to identify what should and should not be in those contracts.

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