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Legal terminology for translators and interpreters 2: UK criminal court documents

This is a second part of a series of 2 webinars for interpreters and translators who want to learn about or brush up their knowledge of legal terminology in civil and criminal court documents.ents.

If you work with documents relating to the civil or criminal legal systems in the UK, you know they contain many specialised terms. Get it wrong and the consequences can be far-reaching, starting with damaging your ability to get more work.

The second part of this series will focus on legal terminology in use in UK criminal court documents in particular on the documents filed by the parties in the Magistrates and Crown Courts in relation to the Criminal Procedure Rules relating to evidence, custody, bail, sentencing and much more!

You can find the first part of the series, Legal terminology in UK civil court documents, here.

You can enjoy these sessions independently from one another, or both – it’s up to you. Each video costs £25 but if you purchase both, a discount of £10 will apply. Just type    LEGDOCDUO    into the checkout before making payment.

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  • Each video costs £25 but if you purchase both, a discount of £10 will apply. Just type    LEGDOCDUO    into the checkout before making payment.
  • CIOL membership discount: 10% (the code is available on the membership page)


Sue Leschen

Sue is a lawyer-linguist and also the Director of Avocate, a niche market legal and commercial French interpreting and translation company in Manchester, UK. Sue is a hands-on interpreter and has been interpreting in courts and tribunals since 2002.

She is also an independent legal terminology trainer and a one to one mentor and business guru for language professionals.

Sue sits on the Professional Conduct Committees of NRPSI, NRCPD, and RBSLI and is also a member of CIOL’s Council, CIOL’s Interpreting Division and also CIOL’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committees.


1 hour 33 min

Who should watch it?

Both new and established language professionals, translators and interpreters wishing to learn more about the legal system and its terminology.

What are the benefits to you?

This video will equip you with a better understanding of the current legal terminology that you will see in documents commonly used in the criminal UK legal systems courts.

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