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Three-part course on how to manage comparable and parallel corpora and create your own Translation Memory.

This course is now over, you can write to us to be placed on a waiting list for its next installment.

This course ran in 2016 and 2017. We don’t have a new date yet for the next live course, but if you’re interested in participating, fill in the form below and we’ll notify you when we schedule a new run. Meanwhile the most recent course is available in video form at this link.

During this 3-part online workshop, you will learn how to build comparable and parallel corpora corpusboth manually and automatically, and how to manage them for several purposes in the translation context. You will also acquire the knowledge to create your own TM from scratch by using the compiled corpus. The workshop will be interactive, including tests and polls throughout to encourage participant engagement. At the end of sessions 2 and 3, you will need to hand in the results of the set exercises to ensure your understanding. Isabel Durán, your instructor, will mark them off-line. All the corpus management tools employed during the workshop will be free software and will be indicated to the attendees in due time.

The course assumes some basic knowledge of corpora and what they are for. If you need to acquire this knowledge before the course starts, we suggest you purchase this video at the special price of just £10. Type CORPINTRO into the discount code box when you check out.

Dates of the training: The training course will take place on Wednesday mornings over three weeks in January and February 2017: 18 and 25 January and 1 February, at 11.00 am UK time. Click here to see the time where you live. Please note that registrations close 60 minutes before the start time.

The syllabus:


Part 1 Brief introduction to corpus and corpus compilation

Part 2 Practice: Overview of ready-made corpora and their management tools.

Part 3 Practice: Overview of web-based management tools.

To-do: Perform searches in online corpora and web-based corpus management tools.


Part 1 Manual or (semi)automatic compilation of corpora?

Part 2 Practice: Designing the manual compilation of a comparable corpus for a given text.

Part 3 Practice: Follow the steps to (semi)automatic compilation of corpora.

Part 4 Discussion: Advantages and disadvantages of manual/automatic compilation of corpora.

To-do: Automatically compile a comparable corpus with a corpus builder.

To-do: Manually compile a small comparable corpus.

To-do: Provide a list of pros and cons of the two options.


Part 1 Corpus management tools

Part 2 Practice: Overview of a corpus management platform.

Part 3 Practice: Overview of freeware corpus management tools.

 To-do: Carry out several searches in the discussed corpus management tools.

All webinars are recorded: if you miss the live session, you will be able to view the recording later. Please ensure you have registered before the time of the webinar to ensure you receive the recording link.


CIOL membership discount: 10% (the code is available on the membership page)

Duration: Each webinar will last 60-70 minutes.

CPD points

The course earns three hours of CPD (ATA approved for three points). Our webinars and courses are officially accredited by the CPD Standards Board (in partnership with CIOL). Provider number  50057.Courses with eCPD Webinars are officially accredited by the Bureau Wbtv as ‘erkende opleiding’ (approved training).

Who should watch it?

This course will suit you if you have a desire to understand how to manage corpora and create and manage your own specialised corpus to suit your needs.

What are the benefits to you?

After the course, you will have the tools and knowledge you need to create corpora in the fields in which you work.


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