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Medical Devices for translators and interpreters: series of seven webinars

We are proud to present a fantastic series of medical videos with Yana Onikiychuk. Yana is a qualified doctor, but at some point in her medical career, she turned to translation, having studied the art. She thus benefits from two backgrounds and is uniquely positioned to explain medical concepts to translators and interpreters working in the field of medicine.

In this series of seven videos we are tackling seven different fields in which medical devices are deployed.

This is one of a series of seven. We offer a 25% discount if you purchase all seven in one transaction. Just type meddevbundle into the checkout before making payment. Remember to allow the system to come back to our website to register your purchase. You will then have access to all the videos from the  “purchases” section of your profile.

You can find the remaining videos of the series under the following links:

1. Cardiac, vascular and thoracic surgery

2. Orthopaedic surgery

4. Ophthalmology

5. Laboratory Diagnostics

6. Devices for medical imaging

7. Intensive care

3. Neurosurgery

This video deals with medical devices for neurosurgery

  • Medical devices for spinal cord and brain surgery
  • Transcatheter techniques in neurosurgery
  • Stereotaxic instruments

The video is designed with experienced and advanced translators in mind. Although attendees should have some experience of medical translation; this video will help you to feel more comfortable when working in the field of neurosurgery.

The speaker will make use of videos, diagrams, and extracts from real documents (IFUs, marketing materials, clinical documentation etc.) to demonstrate and explain many of the devices.


1 hour 35 min

Who should watch it?

Medical translators and interpreters wishing to gain a greater understanding of the devices involved in neurosurgery.

What are the benefits to you?

After the video you will feel more confident in this area of medicine.

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Add to My CPD Plan


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