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A guided tour of Oil & Gas exploration technology

In this presentation, we cover essential technical details of the processes and technologies used in finding and appraising Oil & Gas reserves that are industry standard. The content aims to provide attendees with technical knowledge and terminology within the field of hydrocarbon exploration for the purposes of oil and gas translation. The video covers:

  • Geology of hydrocarbons: petroleum system concepts, types of hydrocarbon plays and their geographical distribution
  • Rock physics: petrophysical properties, lithology relationships
  • Exploration seismology: seismic technology, survey types, seismic imaging & interpretation
  • Borehole/wireline technology: tools & measurements, petrophysical characterization
  • Putting it together: the exploration workflow, reserves & volume estimation

As such the content covers only topics related to exploration, and not to other components of the O&G industry such as production or downstream refining which may be of interest in oil and gas translation as well.


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Ivan Vasconcelos.


1 hour and 17 minutes.

Who should watch it?

Technical translators working in technology/engineering fields, and anyone with a particular interest in oil and gas technology for the purposes of oil and gas translation.

What are the benefits to you?

This webinar will provide authoritative background and terminology relating to oil and gas translation. You will possess knowledge of the physics, geology and technology and will be enthused to learn more.

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  1. Anne Hargreaves

    Excellent introduction to the topic. Ivan is a clear, authoritative and engaging speaker and the slides helped to explain the various concepts presented.
    Highly recommended.

  2. Anne Quillevéré

    Great webinar, actually one of the best I’ve attended so far… Very clear explanations for non-experts, very helpful slides. Also, Ivan is a very lively and interesting speaker.
    Highly recommended.

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