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Renewable Energies: Solar Power – a presentation by an expert for translators

The energy in the radiation reaching the earth’s surface, exceeds our current global demands by 7000 times. In this lecture the solar resource is examined along with ways to capture and make use of it. Technologies used to convert solar energy to electricity will be introduced including photovoltaics and concentrated solar power as well as ways to integrate solar power into electricity systems. The speaker will include (English) technical terms and explain concepts that are important to technical translators and interpreters. The webinar will be given in English.

This video goes hand-in-hand with the earlier one by Dr Blanchard, on wind power. You don’t need to buy one to enjoy the other.


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Dr. Richard Blanchard

Richard is a lecturer in renewable energy based at the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology, Loughborough University.  He has worked in the field of renewable energy for over 25 years and has a wide knowledge of a range of technologies and applications.  He teaches at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  In addition to teaching his research focuses on renewable energy for development activities including solar mini-grids, hybrid systems and bioenergy.  He has over 100 publications.  Outside work Richard enjoys walking dogs and the countryside.


1 hour 1 min

Who should watch it?

Technical translators and translators interested in renewable energy wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the design and technology associated with solar power and its integration into electricity systems. Students of technical translation will also find this presentation of interest as many technical terms are mentioned.

What are the benefits to you?

This video is presented by an expert in the subject and after watching it you will have a better understanding not only of the field itself, but also of the terms used in solar power industry. This will allow you to improve or join the ranks of technical translators.

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