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Getting the Most out of Research in Translation and Interpreting

Traditionally, translators and interpreters have been very wary of academic research in translation and interpreting. Either they have felt that the ideas and theories generated in the ivory tower were of no use to practitioners or they have been concerned about the risks of allowing researchers to watch them work.

This webinar will dispel the myth that research in translation or interpreting is of no use to professionals by showing how both the results of research and the practices involved in doing research well can help professional translators and interpreters work more effectively and deliver projects that better meet their clients’ expectations.

Jonathan Downie has been a freelance conference interpreter and translator since 2008. In 2010, he started a part-time PhD in Interpreting at Heriot-Watt University. He blogs and writes regularly on the usefulness of research and research skills to professional translators and interpreters.


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Jonathan Downie


1 hour 5 minutes.

Who should watch it?

Both new and established translators who wish to make better use of research in translation and research practices.

What are the benefits to you?

This webinar will help all translators to improve research practices and show how the application of research methods can be beneficial for the effectiveness and productivity of translation projects.

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  1. Maia Figueroa

    We have collected some of the comments from the webinar viewers from the previous site. Here is one of them!

    Translation research and terminology are my favourite subjects. Thank you.