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An introduction to Russian English legal translation

eCPD is delighted to announce a new webinar specifically for translators in RU-EN language pair. We invited Siriol Hugh-Jones, a translator and former lawyer who has practised law in London and Moscow. Who better to introduce us to Russian English legal translation?

  • The webinar will look briefly at the two different legal systems in Russia and the UK but also mention some of the differences between the UK and other English-speaking jurisdictions (e.g. the US).
  • We will then attempt to outline a few cases where the two systems meet (e.g. choice of law clauses) and describe a practical approach to some of the problems posed by the different systems.
  • The third section will look at some of the terminology.

This course contains:

  • UK and Russian legal systems: a few basic concepts, similarities and differences
  • Where the two systems meet
  • Legal translation in practice


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Siriol Hugh-Jones


1 hour and 4 min.

Who should watch it?

Both new and established translators working in the Russian – English language pair, interested in Russian English legal translation.

What are the benefits to you?

This webinar will increase your knowledge about Russian English legal translation.

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