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Translation Techniques for IT Translation & Software Localisation

This video focuses on specific characteristics of the field of IT Translation. Participants are introduced to different file types that require translation and localisation in this domain. They will learn some organisational and terminology and resource management techniques and tips on how to handle files filled with code. Participants will also see what extra knowledge could be required in order to manage different types of demanding content in the translation process.

This video is the second in a series of three. Please click these links for the first video – Introduction to IT translation – and the third, which covers Translation Tools for IT translators, both available in our e-library.

All three videos are available for a bundle purchase with a reduced price saving you 10£ from the total amount – just enter the discount code ITCOURSEBUNDLE.


Emmanouela Patiniotaki

Emmanouela is a Lecturer in Translation and Translation Technology. She teaches Language Automation, Cloud Computing in Translation, Specialised Translation and Audiovisual Translation at University College London and in various educational institutions. Her research focuses on Accessible Education and Access Services. She has been working as a translator and localiser since 2004 and she has been training translators since 2011.


1 hour 15 minutes

Who should watch it?

The presentation will be of most interest to experienced translators.

What are the benefits to you?

After watching the video you will have have a deeper understanding of IT translation and software localisation and will know about the file types, translation styles, terminology management techniques, and how to handle difficult situations.

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