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Specialising in Medical Translation

This two-part webinar focuses on medical translation as a specialisation. The first webinar covers how to acquire subject, language and cultural knowledge in this specialised area, as well as a guide to research and knowledge acquisition. It concluded with an insight into how medical linguists can help others.

In Specialising in Medical Translation part 2, our speaker expands on these topics and addresses some more specific questions that attendees at the live webinar had on these areas.

Karin Band trained as a translator and interpreter at Vienna University, and subsequently became a freelance translator, conference interpreter and teacher. For the past 20 years she has specialised in medical translation. Karin is the author of papers on linguistic and medicolinguistic subjects, and of single-subject glossaries in the medical field. She is author/editor of Glossary of the Theatre (Elsevier Glossaria Interpretum 1969) and a reviewer of medical dictionaries. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and a former member of AIIC (Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence).

NOTE: During the live broadcast of part 1 we lost the trainer for a few minutes. She lost audio at the beginning of her talk (minute 3 of the video) and it took us some time to get her back online. Simply skip to minute 10, when she was able to resume her presentation.


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Karin Band


1 hour 27 min. (part 1), and

1 hour 29 min. (part 2).

Who should watch it?

Ideal for those already working in the field and who want more background knowledge, as well as for those looking at how to enter medical translation.

What are the benefits to you?

This video will increase your knowledge of medical translation.

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  1. Maia Figueroa

    We have collected some of the comments from the webinar viewers from the previous site. Here are some of them!

    Fantastic speaker, Karin Band, thank you!

    Many thanks to Karin, she’s a fantastic speaker and an inspiration to young translators such as

    Very instructive and informative.

    These webinars by Karin were fantastic!