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Tablet Interpreting: A five-part hands-on course

The second edition of this great course starts in June 2018. Sign up early to avoid disappointment!

Have you ever seen a colleague whip out their tablet on assignment and wondered: How could a tablet possibly be useful while interpreting?

Join two tablet-savvy interpreters, gain answers to that question and many more, and up your tablet game through five interactive online lessons and an optional one-on-one tablet clinic.

What you will get out of this course:

  • Five hour-long lessons covering every aspect of tablet interpreting
  • Practical advice to use your tablet for preparation, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting
  • Recordings of every session so you can hone your skills
  • Dozens of slides containing detailed tips
  • A wealth of apps and tools to make the most of your tablet
  • Five hours of CPD credit (recognized by ITI, CIOL, ATA and others)
  • An optional one-on-one tablet clinic with Josh and Alex to fine-tune your tablet skills

Cost: £150 (course only) and £180 (course with a one-on-one tutorial with Josh or Alex)

“It opened my horizons to new innovating things and ideas .”

“I’d been waiting for such a course for a long time . Just right”

” I loved the document annotation and term management solutions they presented.”

(Some reaction after the first edition of this course).

Dates:  June 14, 21, 28 and July 5, 12 at 18:00 UK time (19:00 CET)

Students: £75 for the course. Please send an email us at ecpd(AT)ciol.org.uk to purchase the course.


Josh Goldsmith




Alexander Drechsel

Who should take part?

Interpreters of all types who want to use a tablet for their work

What are the benefits of enrolling?

Explore how to use your tablet in any interpreting context.

Learn tips and tools from experienced tablet interpreters, and streamline your interpreting practice.

CPD points

The webinar earns one hour of CPD (ATA approved for one point). Our webinars and courses are officially accredited by the CIOL). Courses with eCPD Webinars are officially accredited by the Bureau Wbtv as ‘erkende opleiding’ (approved training).

Lesson 1: The ins and outs of tablet interpreting

The first webinar in this series is designed to get to know our tablets and cover the basics of tablet interpreting. Dive in and explore the following:

  • What kind of tablet is right for me?
  • Can I use the tablet I have now for interpreting?
  • What are the pros and cons of tablet interpreting?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of different platforms?
  • What does research say about tablet interpreting?
  • What’s stopping us from using our tablets for interpreting?
  • How do I set up my tablet to work with multiple languages?
  • What other tips and tricks will help me make the most of my tablet?
Lesson 2: Preparation made simple

Preparing for an assignment is essential. Join us and learn how a tablet can make preparation fast and easy – from gathering documents to researching for an assignment, fine-tuning your terminology to getting ready for the big day.

  • What are the best applications for preparing for an assignment?
  • How do you organize documents on your tablet (and elsewhere)?
  • What are the best tools and strategies for managing terminology?
  • How can you use your tablet to save time while preparing?
  • Can you really go paperless?
Lesson 3: Using tablets for consecutive interpreting

Tablets offer a wide range of benefits in consecutive interpreting – from referencing documents to full-on consecutive with tablet and stylus.

  • What are the benefits of using a tablet for consecutive?
  • Is a tablet better than pen and paper?
  • What are the best styluses for my tablet?
  • What applications work best for taking notes on a tablet?
  • What will clients say about using a tablet for consecutive?
  • What about the SmartPen and other hybrid solutions?
Lesson 4: Tablets in the booth

Tablets’ small footprints make them ideal boothmates in mobile booths. But there are many other benefits of bringing devices into the booth. Join us and explore some of the following questions:

  • Why might a tablet be better than a laptop in the booth?
  • What applications work best in the heat of the moment?
  • How can I look up terminology from my tablet?
  • How can I use my tablet to communicate and collaborate with the rest of the team?
  • How can I work with a speech on my tablet?
  • What if I want to take notes on my tablet while in the booth?
  • What should I do when the speaker hands me a USB drive?
Lesson 5: Apps and accessories galore

Our final session covers all the apps and accessories you never knew you needed: from language apps to productivity tools to apps that will keep you and your clients’ confidential data safe.

  • What accessories are most useful for my tablet?
  • How can I use my tablet to send invoices and log jobs?
  • How do I maintain confidentiality when using my tablet?
  • What about privacy and data protection?
  • What if I just want to relax using my tablet?
  • How do I keep up to date with tablet technology?
Optional one-on-one tablet clinic

This 30-to-45-minute one-on-one session with Josh or Alex will help you make the most of your tablet and discuss any questions you may have, fine-tuning your skills to embark on your new tablet interpreting journey.


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  1. Dear CPD:
    I am thrilled about thrilled about the Tablet seminar, I will not be able to attend the last session Nov 23 because in the USA it is a Holiday.

    Also is there any possibility that you could consider narrowing this five-one-hour class to a two event class. It seems rather short to have one hour sessions.

    I would love to hear back from you before I decide weather to sign up or not.

    Thank you very much.
    Yolanda Wheaton

    • Dear Yolanda – I am responding to you privately on this. If you have to miss a class (and we are sorry we missed that it’s Thanksgiving that day!) you will have the recording the very next day.

  2. Irene Valente

    Dear Lucy,
    Thank you so much!
    I’ll purchase this course. Sure!
    I would like to know if Josh and Alexander are going to approach iPad too. All my tools are Apple. My iPad: AIR2. I would love they do it.

    • Indeed. the iPad features in these webinars. But we say tablet to include all tablets as there are other makes of course.

      • Just be clear: We will cover all major tablet platforms, i.e. iPad, Android and Surface. We’ll do our best to tailor the course to what participants use and want to learn about.

  3. Fabienne

    Dear Lucy,
    I’ve read your comment about the iPad being the main star of this course. Will the speakers always include alternative tools/methods for those of us who don’t have an iPad?

    • Dear Fabienne,
      We will see if we can find out which tablet brand participants are using and cater to that as much as possible. Most of what we‘re covering will be applicable across platforms. Hope this helps.

  4. Maribel

    I have a Samsung. But I also have a Lenovo Yoga laptop which doubles as tablet. Would you cover it? Also, what is the cost in US dollars?

    • Hi Maribel – I will forward your mail to the trainer to answer the question about the device you have. The cost in US dollars will depend on the exchange rate on the day you book the course. If you do the entire course with the tutorial £165 works out at $211 at today’s rate. The course without the tutorial is £120 and this works out at $153.5, again, at today’s rate. But this fluctuates from day to day. Hope to see you on the course. Lucy

  5. Dear Maribel, with Samsung, I assume you are referring to an Android tablet or phone? That will definitely be covered. As for the Lenovo Yoga, it’s probably a Windows computer, i.e. not a tablet. That will get less coverage, we may just give a few tips and tricks on Surface devices because they also support styluses/pens. Hope this answers the question.

  6. Dear All,

    I have just found out about this seminar. Is it too late to enroll for the first lesson on 21st Sept. ?
    I am an interpreter and interpreter trainer and I was looking forward for this seminar.
    Ideally, I would buy the £ 165 buying option. Does that have to be paid in advance? What if one skips a lesson (for professional or personal reasons) and communicates in the very last minute? Is there a way of making up for the lesson lost?

    Thanks in advance

    Maura Radicioni

    • Dear Maura
      No, it’s not too late. You can have up till about 4 or 5 pm on Thursday to decide. Just click “add to cart” and checkout from our website.
      Make sure you return to our website afterwards to complete the transaction, but I will be on hand to complete it for you if something goes wrong.
      Best wishes

      • Further to my first reply. If you miss a lesson for any reason, we send you the recorded version shortly afterwards. In fact you get the recording even if you attended live, so you can revisit the class. ANd ys, our system is a pay in advance system, which you do by following the instructions above.

  7. Dear Lucy,
    thanks for your answers.
    I have a couple of additional questions, before enrolling:
    – besides the videos, participants will also receive slides with tips, can you confirm?
    – do you know if the five hours of CPD credit recognized by the Italian professional associations AITI and/or Assointerpreti?
    – will participants get an invoice for participation for our accounting records?
    Thanks in advance, best regards.

    • Yes, you will receive course materials (slides etc.)
      Most professional bodies recognise our courses for CPD purposes, these include the CIOL, ITI, ATA. We are accredited by the CPD Standards Board in the UK and by the Dutch Bureau btv. Most others also recognise our courses. We issue you with a certificate of completion at the end.
      Participants get a formal receipt. On booking through our system you will receive an automated receipt, but we follow that up with a “proper” one from our accounts program?

    • No, not too late. The lessons are recorded so you can catch up on the first lesson. I will write to you later this afternoon with details.

  8. Alice Crisan

    Dear Lucinda
    I’ve paid right now to attend Alex’s 2-nd lesson. Can’t I access the lesson right now ? Sorry for the late purchase.

    • I will deal with this later. I’m sorry but we cannot deal with bookings after we start. But You will have the recording later. I’ll make sure you have it

  9. Ryoko Okamoto

    Hi! Joshua told me about this course last month and I would like to take it. Is it still possible to take the course from the beginning?


  10. Natalie

    Hello! Thank you for the course! Is it recorded (so that I can view it at a later time please)?
    I live in Canda, the UK times would be right in the middle of a ’normal’ work day!

    Thank you!

    • Hello Natalie,
      Sorry for the late reply, but authors aren‘t notified of new comments. Yes, the webinars are recorded and participants can access them later. We are aware of the scheduling issue, but due to work engagements, Josh and I can only do evening slots.

    • Hi Nathalie! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

      Yes, all of the sessions are recorded, so if you can’t make it in person, you can watch the recordings afterwards.

      If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

      We hope to see you on the course!

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