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Tablets For Writers, Translators, And Language Professionals: A hands-on course

This course is now over, you can write to us to be placed on a waiting list for its next installment.

Have you ever wondered whether your tablet could be used for professional purposes, rather than just for reading, shopping or watching movies?

Are you interested in learning to read, write and review documents, manage projects, and send invoices while on the go?

Join two tablet-savvy language professionals, gain answers to these questions and many more, and up your tablet game through five interactive online lessons and an optional one-on-one tablet clinic.

You can see the detailed course overview at the bottom of this page.


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Josh Goldsmith
Alexander Drechsel

Dates and times



All lessons will last for approximately 60 minutes including Q&A.

CPD points

Our courses are accredited by the Chartered Instittue of Linguists (CIOL). Members of all professional bodies may log 5 hours of CPD. Members of ATA earn 5 CE points for this course. Courses and webinars produced by eCPD Webinars are officially accredited by the Dutch Bureau Wbtv as ‘erkende opleiding’ (approved training).

Who should watch it?

Wordsmiths of every shape and kind: Writers, translators, editors and language professionals who want to use a tablet for work.

What are the benefits to you?

Get tips and tools from experienced language professionals.
Make your work more stimulating and dynamic.
Streamline your workflow and boost your productivity – wherever you are.

What you will get from this course:

● Five interactive hour-long lessons covering every aspect of tablet use
● Practical advice to use your tablet for writing, translating, proofreading, and more
● Recordings of every session so you can review and hone your skills
● Dozens of slides containing detailed tips
● A wealth of apps and tools to make the most of your tablet
● Five hours of CPD credit (recognized by ITI, CIOL, ATA, and others)

Detailed course overview

Lesson 1: Tablets for language professionals: The ins and outs of tablets

Tech-savvy professional linguists already have computers, monitors, and software galore. In this first webinar, we’ll explore how and when a tablet might fit into your workflow, considering some of the following questions:

● What are the strengths and weaknesses of tablets?
● What kind of tablet is right for me?
● I already have a tablet. How can I use it for my work?
● How do I set up my tablet to work with multiple languages?
● How can I get online with my tablet while traveling?
● How can I organize my documents and keep them in sync across devices?
● How can I access my home computer from my tablet while on the road?
● What other tips and tricks will help me make the most of my tablet?

Lesson 2: Tablets for language professionals: Writing and preparation

Learn how a tablet can make working with texts faster and easier – from gathering documents to doing research, consulting dictionaries and reference materials to producing polished prose.

● Can I use Word on my tablet? Are there better tools out there?
● Which strategies can I use to find the perfect turn of phrase?
● What are the best applications for research?
● How can I outline my ideas using my tablet?
● How can I jot down notes using my tablet?
● What are the best applications for working with long PDF documents and clipping content?
● How can I use two or more applications at the same time?

Lesson 3: Tablets for language professionals: Language, editing, and translation tools

Picking up your tablet can transform how you edit, collaborate and translate – we’ll show you the best apps and workflows to do just that.

● How can tablets serve as paperless proofreading and editing devices?
● Can I “track changes” on my device?
● Which applications and tools can help me improve my writing?
● Which applications are best for collaborative writing?
● Will my CAT tools run on my tablet?
● How can I use my tablet as an extra screen with my computer?
● Which applications will help me boost my language skills?

Lesson 4: Tablets for language professionals: Business and productivity

This session covers all the apps and accessories you never knew you needed: from project management software to productivity tools to applications to keep you and your clients’ confidential data safe.

● What are the best accessories for my tablet?
● How can I use my tablet to log jobs, manage clients and send invoices?
● How do I stay on top of my to-do list?
● How can I manage projects and collaborate with colleagues from my tablet?
● How do I maintain confidentiality when using my tablet?
● What are the best tools for ensuring privacy and protecting data on a tablet?
● What are the best ways to read books and other content?
● How can I keep up to date with tablet technology?

Lesson 5: Tablets for language professionals: Rocking your social media with a tablet

Explore how social media can boost your business and learn to increase visibility, forge community, and communicate more effectively – all while using your tablet.

● Why does social media matter?
● Which social networks are best for my business?
● Which applications will help me keep up with the content that matters to me?
● How can I engage with clients, colleagues, and potential leads?
● What kind of content is most engaging?
● How can I create beautiful graphics, videos, and GIFs using my tablet?

Optional one-on-one tablet clinic

This 30-to-45-minute session with Josh or Alex will help you make the most of your tablet and discuss any questions you may have, fine-tuning your skills to embark on your new tablet journey.

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