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The railway industry revealed for translators – by an expert

A two-part video for translators wishing to learn about the history, structure and specialist terminology of the railway industry – particularly in the UK.

The railway industry today

Part One covers the industry today (from the UK standpoint), the organisations and operators within it, and the supply chain, and explains how these all fit into the industry matrix.

Specialist terminology

The second part concentrates on the vocabulary of the railway industry – the legacy from the early days, the technical and social concepts from train movements to ticketing, from car design to station security.


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Sim Harris

Sim is a seasoned broadcaster, journalist, writer and trainer with many years of working in the railway industry. He is a frequent TV and radio broadcaster on railway matters, and is the managing editor of RailNews, the railway industry journal in the UK.


Two sessions, 59 minutes and 56 minutes respectively.

Who should watch it?

These videos are ideal for translators of all levels of experience working in or wishing to work in the railway sector. The speaker provides the background to the sector that you need to be able to translate in it, along with a great deal of vocabulary (in English) for the specialist terminology used in the industry.

What are the benefits to you?

The videos will give you an insight to the industry, given by an expert, such as is difficult to obtain from dictionaries and books. You will have the knowledge you need to feel confident in translating technical documents for the railway industry.

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  1. Jo Christian

    I followed this seminar live, and found it really interesting, Sim knows the railway industry thoroughly, and provided a very useful overview of the management structure of the various levels and some of the technical language as well. I have translated railway materials for years, but I still learned some new facts and reminded myself of other things I had forgotten. Well worth the investment,

    • This was an excellent introduction to the railway industry especially for an emerging translator who is working out which path of specialism to follow. Sim Harris is an excellent speaker and I could have listened to him speak about the railway industry for many more hours. Highly recommend this two-part course for those considering to specialise in the railway industry or simply wishing to learn about its highly intricate set-up.

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