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Tools for Translation Quality Assurance – What Every CAT Tool User Should Know

This intermediate-level webinar gives an overview of how translators and project managers can benefit from translation Quality Assurance (QA) functions in modern Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools and stand-alone QA tools.

All modern CAT tools include a wide variety of quality assurance functions that check translations for consistency, terminology, numbers, punctuation, spacing, and many other criteria. In addition, there are some stand-alone tools that can perform some of the same and additional QA tasks on translations and translation memories. This webinar presented by Tuomas Kostiainen will give an overview of these functions, and illustrate how they can improve translation productivity and quality when used properly.

This video contains:

  • Translation quality assurance in CAT tools as Trados Studio, memoQ, Wordfast Pro, Dejavu, Trados 2007
  • Translation quality assurance with QA tools: commercial as ErrorSpy, QA Distiller, Verifika and freeware as ApSIC Xbench, Okapi CheckMate
  • Basics of the use of regular expressions in CAT/QA tools


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Tuomas Kostiainen


1 hour 10 min.

Who should watch it?

Regular users of modern CAT tools who are used to the translation environment and wish to know more about QA tools.

What are the benefits to you?

This video will increase your knowledge about the QA tools and their uses in translation.

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  1. Lucy Brooks

    We have collected some of the comments from the webinar viewers from the previous site. Here they are!

    Really enjoyed this! I’m sure I will use this knowledge!

    I really like your webinars. There’s always great quality and a lot of information.