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Translating Corporate Communications

This webinar is ideal for translators who are not already working in this field. Helen Robertson covers the principles of working in the genre, which can vary tremendously, from annual reports, through press releases, to advertising materials. She explains the qualities you need to possess, and touches on the sensitivity required to deal with clients. She does not go into specific examples for two reasons: one is confidentiality, and the other is because cultural environments can vary so much so it would be difficult to give such specific advice. This talk is more general than giving specific translation techniques and is most likely to be of interest to people investigating a specific career path.


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Helen Robertson, FITI, FCIM

Helen is a freelance business translator and editor, her main source languages being German and Dutch. After many years in Yorkshire, her business is now based in Ellon, just north of Aberdeen. With almost 35 years of experience and with high-tech optical company Carl Zeiss and top management consultancy McKinsey & Company as previous employers, she has had the opportunity to gain insights into many fields. In the past few years Helen has specialised more and more in the translation of corporate communications including the annual report, press releases and other materials for a food industry company, image brochures for a bicycle manufacturer and a photographic specialist and advertising and other materials for a high-end luxury goods manufacturer. Following an MA degree in German at St Andrews University and a post-graduate diploma in Vocational Techniques for Career Linguists at the University of Kent, Helen worked as a linguist in Germany for ten years. She returned to the UK in 1989 to complete an MBA at the Manchester Business School. Since 1992 she has run her own translation business, which morphed from a workstation in a spare bedroom at her parents’ home to a translation company employing several staff.Helen Is a Fellow of ITI and of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has in the past served in several public roles, including being the coordinator of Yorkshire Translators and Interpreters for many years.


1 hour 9 minutes

Who should watch it?

Translators who wish to learn the basics of how corporate communications can figure in a portfolio of translation skills.

What are the benefits to you?

After the video you will have a clear idea of the work involved in translating press releases and corporate brochures.

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