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Translating Japanese Contracts II: Knotty Problems – how to untangle them gracefully

Have you ever been really stuck on a legal document? This webinar, which is a follow-up to Translating Japanese Contracts, looks in greater depth at a selection of tricky obstacles often found in Japanese legal writing such as the use of archaic language, references to Japanese corporate structures and the allocation of risk, and possible approaches to their solution.  Participants were invited to send in problems that they were stuck on leading up to the webinar or translation issues that had left them with lingering doubts.  These were discussed in a workshop-style webinar.

Those interested in taking part are encouraged to view (or re-view) the original webinar, Translating Japanese Contracts.


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Gwen Clayton


1 hour

Who should watch it?

Translators working in the JP-EN-JP language pair of any level of experience. This presentation builds on an earlier webinar by Gwen Clayton.

What are the benefits to you?

This webinar will increase your expertise in the translation of Japanese contracts and other legal documents.

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