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The battle between Safety and Productivity – a discourse for translators

Translators working for industrial and technical clients frequently come across references to industrial and functional safety. Standards are constantly changing as procedures are tightened.

This video is a discourse for translators on functional safety and the battle between safety and productivity.

The Aberdeen group recently published a study which clearly identifies the relationship between safety and productivity – it identifies the top 20% best in class companies, whose OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) stood at 90% with 2% unscheduled downtime; this compared with laggards whose OEE lingered at 76% and 14% unscheduled downtime. What stands out is that the best in class companies also had an injury frequency rate of 0.05% compared to 3% for laggards – 1/2000 employees contrasted with  1/111 injury rates.

Every 15 seconds someone dies from a work related accident,  which is a sobering thought and one that best in class companies consider when developing programs to address safety and drive their investment in three key areas: corporate culture, capital investment and compliance – and compliance is the focus in this talk.

There are over 700 machinery safety standards that increasingly refer to terminology. The objective of this presentation is to clarify this terminology and relate it to everyday situations.


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David Main-Reade


1 hour.

Who should watch it?

Technical translators of every level of experience, especially those interested in learning more about translators on functional safety.

What are the benefits to you?

After this presentation you will have detailed knowledge of the latest standards and issues in industrial safety, essential for translators on functional safety.

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