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A 2017 Update on Translating for the Travel and Tourism Industry

Tourism is one of the world’s growth industries of the future. European Cities Marketing (ECM) recorded a growth of 3.6% in city tourism in 2016. With this rise in tourism, the demand for translated material is also increasing and this video intends to give an insight into some of the areas of particular interest to translators.

Tourist boards, hotels, museums and tourist attractions are just a few of the areas where good translators can make their mark. In this video, we will discuss the various points we need to consider when dealing with clients – from initial discussions to the translation process itself and on to quality assurance on delivery.

Covering aspects of style and research, the video will also provide information on helpful tools and resources to help you deliver a top-quality translation. It is aimed at new and established translators who want to break into the tourism industry.


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Andrea Garfield Barkworth

Andrea has lived in Germany since 1982. She originally started her professional career as a bilingual secretary for a pharmaceutical research company in the Munich area and continued to work for the company as a translator after moving to Lower Saxony with her family. Gradually taking on more and more clients, she branched out to include fashion, tourism and the food and drinks industry in her portfolio. Today, Andrea works as a German to English translator specialising in marketing.


1 hour 18 min

Who should watch it?

New and established translators who want to break into this lucrative and growing market.

What are the benefits to you?

After the video you will have an insight into the industry and know where your particular skills can fit in. Andrea will share her experience of working extensively in this field.

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  1. Veronique Joly-Palmer

    An excellent presentation with lots of useful tips, practical examples and a wealth of resources.

  2. Carolina Casado Parras

    I signed up expecting to find ideas on how to look for work and what areas are covered by this rather general name. The latter was accomplished, as different subgenres were discussed. Also, it helped me realise there are more potential clients to address than I originally thought. Those in the very early stages of their career will learn about localisation and how to write for marketing purposes, too.

  3. After getting a degree in Hospitality Management many years ago and working in translation for the last 7 years, I thought it would make more sense to specialise in Tourism/Travel Translation. I enjoy travelling and I find these types of text more engaging and interesting than anything else. Andrea helps you identify the different types of businesses you can target with this specialisation, as well as how to translate the copy depending on the target audience, giving examples as well. I’m sure you will also enjoy taking this webinar, as it will open up a new world of possibilities in this industry.

  4. Roger Rayner

    The webinar embraces a wide range of material in a short space. Starting with the question of “Why tourism?” (as a translator), Andrea goes into possible areas such as sporting activities, beauty spots and wellness. She goes on to show the types of material one might be working on (blogs, audio/visuals) and considers also clients, such as travel agencies as well as the end clients of families, businesses and others.

    She also considers tone of voice, how to write a good headline and how to use your copywriting skills. There is also help on things to discuss with the client, and where to find clients, and a series of general tips and tricks. I find the course invaluable.

  5. Liesbet Coppens

    I really liked this webinar. It was the first I attended with eCPD, but it will definitely not be the last. In only one hour Andrea covered everything I thought the webinar was going to be about, and then soooo much more.

  6. Reiko Inder

    There are plenty of tips and hints in the speaker’s presentation for people whose professional is translation. Particularly I recommend to the people who newly started trading as translators.

  7. Gillian Shaw

    A very useful presentation with lots of content and tips. Ideal for those starting out and with a bit of experience. In all worthwhile in terms of CPD.

  8. Moura MacDonagh

    Andrea’s presentation is well-structured, clear and practical, covering not only the range of areas/fields/texts/websites that can be considered to come under the Travel & Tourism banner, but also in-depth material on what to look out for, a thorough checklist of what to ask your client before you accept an assignment or start working on it, hints on style, localisation etc. Andrea also describes and gives references for some useful software tools (that could be used in any field of translation, not just travel and tourism). Finally she suggests various approaches to finding clients.
    Overall, a good presentation, worth considering for both general guidance and practical advice.

  9. Loretta

    It was a well-conceived, information-packed webinar. It provided comprehensive, wide-ranging information on potential pitfalls, useful tools, localisation dos and don’ts, style tips and more. The perfect stepping stone for anyone wishing to specialise in travel & tourism translation.

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