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Behind the scenes at the airport : a talk by an airport insider

eCPD has engaged the services of an airport insider – airline pilot to give a presentation for translators and others on what goes on behind the scenes at an airport. Not only is he a pilot, currently working with a well-known airline, but prior to his pilot training he worked in nearly every section of the airport, thus gaining an intimate knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes, and who carries out the work.

During this one-hour presentation, Russell shows you the key areas of an airport, Including the landside areas, airport security, the ramp, taxiways, and runways. He gives the terminology (in English) for these concepts so that you can be sure of your ground in future translations.

He also covers the staff who work at an airport – Including airport security officers, pilots, dispatchers, baggage handlers and air traffic control, providing you with the correct nomenclature of the various jobs, as well as an understanding of what they do.

Lastly, he explains what happens during a turnround.

This webinar will be of interest to translators working in many fields: technical, security, financial, legal, commercial, business. Its aim is to provide a basic understanding of the workings of an airport and to supply some terminology along the way.


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Russell Wood

Russell qualified as a pilot in February 2016 and is currently working as a co-pilot for a UK airline based at London Gatwick. He currently operates Airbus 320 aircraft on short-haul domestic and European routes. Before training he worked in a number of different roles at the airport from 2011, including airport security, de-icing, aircraft cleaning and upholstery, baggage handling and dispatching.


1 hour 26 min

Who should watch it?

Any translator who has ever translated, or is likely to translate in the travel, tourist, commercial, or technical sectors. The speaker will give you a good insight into the systems at work in an airport.

What are the benefits to you?

You will have heard from someone who is closely involved in aviation and airport systems and will have gained a better understanding of the field, so that you can tackle texts in the field with more confidence.

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