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Coping with English Pronunciation for Non-Native Speakers

English is an unusual language in many ways. Its Latin alphabet of just 5 vowels is used to spell 19 different vowel sounds leading to many irregularities – how can you know that the vowel sound in LOSE is actually longer than that in LOOSE? The consonant system is also tricky with many silent letters and subtle sound alterations in connected speech.

This video covers key areas that will help with fast listening and accurate production of sound in 4 stages:

19 Vowel Sounds
26 Consonant Sounds
Sentence Stress
Intonation Patterns

With interactive activities in each section, you will discover some simple techniques to improve your sound and accuracy. We will use a British English accent model and everyone will have access to the Pronunciation Studio ebook with audio to study with afterwards.


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Joseph Hudson

Joseph founded London-based speech school Pronunciation Studio in 2008 which is dedicated to helping advanced 2nd language speakers of English, over 10,000 learners have attended. He is the author of the course book ‘The Sound of English’ which focuses on the pronunciation and intonation of GB English.


1 hour 3 min

Who should watch it?

Non-native speakers of British English at an advanced level.

What are the benefits to you?

This video is a fun session focusing on the sounds and intonation of General British English. It will give you an understanding of some of the apparently illogical pronunciations of British English and help you to develop your speaking skills.

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  1. Gloria

    Very detailed and useful to understand those difficulties foreign people have in pronouncing English sounds.

  2. Giuseppina Belviso

    An interesting presentation on a topic that is essential for foreign English speakers, giving lots of details for follow up and great material to download for further studies. A worthwhile course and highly recommendable!

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