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Embracing Artificial Intelligence

A video for translators and other professionals to help them understand the technology and its place in the future role of the professional

Within the next five years, artificial intelligence (AI) is set to automate many jobs, enable the radical analysis of Big Data, and provide an alternative means for interfacing with computers, online resources and organizations. Like it or not, due to exponential improvements in computer processing power and machine learning, AI is set to be as transformational as the Internet was 20 years ago. No professional can therefore afford to remain in “AI Denial”.

Specific topics covered in this video include:

  • AI as the new customer interface.
  • An introduction to the plug-and-play cloud AI services now available from Google, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM.
  • A review of those professional jobs most likely to be automated.
  • Strategies for “keeping up with the machine”. 

Christopher Barnatt has recently published a book entitled “Digital Genesis”. The future of computing, robots and AI.


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Christopher Barnatt

Christopher has been a professional futurist for over 20 years. He has published twelve books and numerous articles, with over 200 media contributions to broadcast, print and online programmes and publications. He runs the websites ExplainingTheFuture.com and ExplainingComputers.com, as well as associated YouTube channels that have received over 26 million video views.

For 25 years Christopher lectured in computing and future studies in Nottingham University Business School, where he spent seven years as Director of Undergraduate Programmes. He now delivers presentations for a wide range of organizations, with recent clients having included EY, KMPG and the UK Department for International Trade.

This is Christopher’s second webinar for eCPD. His first, on 3D printing received high praise. Here are just two comments from attendees:

“Utterly gripping. Quite apart from its usefulness in my translation work, Christopher is an excellent and engaging speaker, and the whole subject is fascinating. He showed how it all works, and how it is a burgeoning market with lots of opportunities for this technology.”

“A truly wonderful webinar with all the right ingredients: a really great topic, excellently structured and presented by a very good and entertaining speaker”


1 hour 16 min

Who should watch it?

Any person doing a professional job and who is interested in the future, as well as those keen to know the latest in AI from an IT perspective. The speaker will deliver two key messages to professionals: how fast things are moving, and how the human/interpersonal and creative side of jobs will become far more significant.

What are the benefits to you?

After the video you will be much more aware of the degree of automation reached by artificial intelligence. The issue is rapidly becoming much wider than translators, alone, with accountants, lawyers, doctors and many professionals starting to discover that many aspects of their jobs can be automated by AI, if not of course all of them.

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  1. This was a most interesting webinar and I learned a lot. I appreciated the great expertise and profound knowledge of Christopher Barnatt and his very approachable manner of teaching us the most important aspects about artificial intelligence (AI). What it is, what areas are affected, how they are affected. The upside and the downside. He also talks about issues I always wanted to know a bit more about. Christopher Barnatt has a realistic view about what we have to expect based on his vast experience and capability of judging revolutionary developments like this one. The advice he gives is honest, candid, and very helpful. I watched it live and then the recording a few weeks after; that’s where I caught small pieces of wisdom here and there that I seemed to have overlooked the first time around.

  2. Roger Rayner

    This was a most stimulating session from a lively expert. A lot of us were doubtful about approaching AI, but even before the end, it was clear that many of us (including myself) had altered our view somewhat. It seems to me, now that I’ve had some time to digest the contents of the class – and listen more than once – that AI is only a real threat if we try to disregard it. Things are clearly not just going to change in the future, but are doing so even now, this moment. Keeping abreast of these changes will help us as translators to keep our jobs, as computers – even though they already exceed us in lots of ways – are a long way yet from being able to do all the things humans can do linguistically.

  3. Sandra Bravo

    Thanks for a very clear, accurate presentation. It has been very helpful to me because AI is a brand new concept for me. I think it will help me a lot with my future decisions for my business and my translation practices.

  4. Anne Quillevéré

    This was a very interesting and clear presentation from which I learned a lot, in particular what exactly is AI and what are the issues at stake.

  5. Karen Rutland

    A very clear and engaging webinar, with a lot of information and food for thought. Not only has it been useful for my translation work, I found it generally interesting with regard to how AI will affect the lives of all of us.

  6. Claire Annis

    An interesting insight from an engaging speaker into what AI is, what the not-too-distant future of AI holds, and how it may affect us as translators. Christopher debunks some of the myths surrounding AI and provides an encouraging look at a topic that is likely to change the way we all work. Highly recommended.

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