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Financial Markets for Translators

Note: When broadcast live, this course consisted of three parts: 2 on financial markets, and 1 on accounting. We have now split the course into two separate entities. Financial markets and accounting. You will find the accounting course at this link.

Financial terms can be complicated and make life difficult for translators wishing to operate in this profitable niche. Paul Urwin, entrepreneur, translator and former fund manager is here to help!

In this two-part video course, he explains financial markets and investments – after all, if you are able to understand how these areas actually work, then translating the concepts into another language will be that much easier.

Important note: when this course was first broadcast, it consisted of three parts. For the on-demand version we have split it into a two-part course on financial markets (this one) and a one-part course on accounting for translators.

Video 1 – Financial Markets: Shares, Bonds and Cash
  • Different types of assets: equities, bonds and cash
  • Benchmarks
  • Risk and Return
  • Players within the financial markets
Video 2 – Financial Markets: Alternative Investments and Derivatives
  •  Property
  • Gold and other commodities
  • Hedge Funds
  • Derivatives

This course is closely connected with Accounting for Translators video, in which Paul explains accounting. You can find it here.


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Paul Urwin

Paul has significant experience as a qualified investment professional within the UK corporate sector, in companies such as Schroders and Barclays Global Investors.  This has given him a good understanding of the specific needs of translation clients.


Part 1: 1 hour 1 min

Part 2: 1 hour

Who should watch it?

Translators working in, or who would like to work in, the area of financial translations. All levels are welcome, from those looking to develop financial translation as an area of specialization to seasoned professionals wishing to keep up-to-date.

What are the benefits to you?

You will develop a greater understanding of financial markets and investments, thus assisting you to work with confidence in this profitable area of translation.

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Add to My CPD Plan


  1. Attendees at the live sessions of this course were very pleased with what they learned and the format of this course.
    Here are a few of their comments:
    “It clearly met all my learning objectives. It gave me a overall perspective on key terms and concepts.”
    “[I know have] a better understanding of financial concepts in general”
    “I believe my financial translations will be much more accurate.”
    “The webinars gave me a foundation for analysing market statistics, which always seemed impenetrable before. Now I have the vocabulary to look into this further.”

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