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Interpreter Safety: Public Service Interpreting

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Public service interpreters have to deal with a variety of situations and people which can sometimes put them at risk: from aggressive defendants in a prison cell to patients with contagious diseases, the job can prove a hazardous one!

In this video, we look at the different aspects that can affect public service interpreters’ safety and how to tackle them in order to stay healthy and safe. First, we’ll analyse the physical side of things by discussing the hazards derived from the environment we work in, the people we deal with and the conditions in which we carry out the job itself. Secondly, we’ll look at the mental and psychological impact of working in the freelance public service interpreting market: from hearing about difficult stories during assignments that can leave us exposed to vicarious trauma to the impact of stress and uncertainty due to the unsociable hours and unhealthy practices of the challenging market conditions. We’ll reflect on how to overcome some of these problems, or avoid them if possible so that we can stay healthy and safe.


Trinidad Clares Flores

Trinidad Clares Flores MA MITI FCIoL DPSI NRPSI is an English-Spanish freelance translator, conference and legal interpreter, based in Cardiff (UK). At the start of her career, she worked in-house for several translation companies and software manufacturers for 5 years and since then has been freelancing for 18 years working mainly in the technical (IT), legal and medical fields. She has also worked as a part-time lecturer for Cardiff University for 6 years teaching interpreting, specialised translation, professional translation practices and CAT tools modules. She is active in the translation profession and co-coordinates two networks of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting: the recently-created Interpreters Development Network (IDN) and ITI Cymru Wales, as well as being a member of the Spanish Network Committee.


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Who should watch it?

This video will make new and less experienced interpreters aware of the dangers of public service interpreting and will help them build a toolbox of resources, so they don’t fall into some of its well-known traps. It will also provide tips for more experienced interpreters to expand on the resources they may have already built up.

What are the benefits to you?

This video will provide you with resources that will make handling difficult situations easier and will help you stay healthy and safe.

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