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Interpreting in the 21st Century: the use of technologies

Interpreting dates back to antiquity when interpreters were used as mediators between different languages and cultures. Until the mid-1970s, interpreting was occurring solely in a face-to-face context. In other words, all the parties were present in the same location. Nowadays, with the advent of technologies, interpreters can work remotely through the use of telephone sets or videoconferencing systems. Even though such technologies have revolutionised interpreting practice, the impact that they have on the interpreter and the other parties is less well-known. Often, interpreters feel that their first remote-interpreting performance is not ‘as good as usual’, which may leave them weary for their next remote assignment. This was certainly the case for Jerome!

In this webinar, we will go through the use of telephone, video-conference and remote interpreting used in public service and conference interpreting contexts. By the end, you will have an understanding of the technologies you may be asked to use for an interpreting assignment in different settings. You will be aware of the benefits interpreters and clients can draw, but also the pitfalls you need to avoid. Finally, possible tips will be given to mitigate drawbacks so you feel better equipped on your next remote-interpreting assignment.


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Jerome Devaux

Jerome is a lecturer at the Open University. His professional experience as a conference and court interpreter has sparked a very keen interest in the use of technologies during interpreting assignments. He has recently completed a Ph.D. on court interpreters’ perceptions of their role when interpreting through video links.


1 hour 9 min

Who should watch it?

This presentation will be of interest to all practitioners and students of interpreting.

What are the benefits to you?

After the video you will have a clear idea of the use of telephone, video-conferencing and remote interpreting in public service and conference interpreting contexts.


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  1. Sandra Bravo

    I highly recommend this webinar to interpreters who want to keep abreast of new technologies and excel in their jobs.

  2. Antonella

    Hi! I have just bought and paid this video but I have not received an e-mail with the link to the registration yet.

    • Hi Antonella,
      This is a video, a recording of a previous webinar, so there will be no registration link. You should be able to find the purchased video under My Profile > Purchases.

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