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Persuasive public relations: the translator’s toolkit

If you would like to work more effectively with PR agencies, or direct clients who are engaged in public relations activities, this course is for you. Over three lessons, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of how to translate a range of PR materials that tell your clients’ story in a powerful way, whatever sector you’re in. You’ll also put your skills to the test with a mini challenge to ‘PR’ your own business! The practical exercises and self-assessed homework for this course are designed for translators working into English, but translators working in other language pairs will definitely benefit from the course. The on-demand course does not offer a personalised review of your work, but please practise the skills you will learn to write your own PR and feature articles.

The course includes practical exercises and self-assessed homework assignments. The practical exercises and homework for this course are designed for translators working into English.

Lesson 1: The anatomy of a press release

Press releases and and their relevance in the digital age

  • A bit of history
  • Why we’re still wired for news and ‘selective reading’
  • Practical exercise: putting yourself in a journalist’s shoes

The basics of news writing

  • How to structure a press release for selective reading [practical exercise]
  • Writing in the news style: use of tenses, first, second and third person, expository style, working with style guides
  • What’s the story? How not to ‘bury the lead’
Lesson 2: The art of persuasion

‘Selling’ the news

  • Headlines that grab attention
  • Convincing claims
  • Compelling quotes

What’s your best feature?

  • The difference between news and features
  • Translating arguments and opinions in another’s voice
  • Case studies, op-eds
  • Pitching a feature
Lesson 3: PR skills to boost your business 

Being an indispensable translator

  • Due diligence
  • Local market insights
  • Good glossing
  • Discussion: what do you do if your client sends you a poorly-written source text?

PR for our business

  • Comparing notes on our feature pitches


  • What we’ve learned so far
  • Resources


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Rosie Robbins

Read Rosie’s blog posts on our blog spot. Or listen to her podcast interview with Tess Whitty of Marketing Tips for Translators.


Lesson 1: 1 hour 3 min

Lesson 2: 1 hour 9 min

Lesson 3: 1 hour 4 min

Who should watch it?

Translators, editors and writers.

What are the benefits to you?

After this course you will have the knowledge to work more effectively with PR agencies or direct clients from any sector who are engaged in public relations activities. Over three sessions, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to tell your clients’ stories better, and we’ll challenge ourselves to tell our own stories better, too.

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