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Resilience in the Digital Age

Stress affects busy professionals in multiple ways; the continuous use of technology, a sedentary lifestyle and the lack of deep rest aggravate these issues, which in some cases become chronic. Their posture suffers from spending long hours at (often) imperfect work stations; symptoms such as carpal tunnel syndrome, a stiff neck and back due to long hours at the computer are very common, as are poor flexibility, reduced range of motion, unwanted weight gain and a slow metabolism.

This three-part series is interactive and practical. Gabriela Bocanete will introduce a series of powerful yoga techniques that, if practised regularly, can boost the levels of fitness, energy, and wellbeing of professionals, while cleansing and improving the functioning of their internal organs.

Part three: Nutrition for Optimal Brain Performance

  • What are super-foods? Which ones can you easily incorporate to boost your nutrient intake?
  • Myth-busting about fats and sugars
  • The enteric nervous system; the microbiome
  • Ways to activate the digestive system and other suitable exercises


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Who should watch it?

This video is for people who work in front of a computer, people who are using mobile devices extensively and for those who wish to increase their levels of vitality and wellbeing.

What are the benefits to you?

This video will help you become more aware of your body and how you can best look after it while you work, to become more calm and increase your vitality.

Speaker bio

Gabriela Bocanete

An accomplished conference interpreter, speaker and interpreter trainer, Gabriela Bocanete was born and educated to degree level in Timisoara, Romania, before moving to Bogota, Colombia with her young family. In South America she worked as a translator and interpreter, studied Business Management, Business Coaching and co-founded the Asociación Colombiana de Traductores e Intérpretes, serving on the Council for over 10 years. Later she came back to Europe and set her base in Rickmansworth, UK. Since 2007 she has been a strategic member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists’ Interpreting Division’s Management Committee.

Having benefited from a regular yoga practice for several years, she qualified as a Yoga Teacher and started teaching it to other professionals. A Certified Personal Performance Coach, she later studied Nutritional Therapy and Using Food as Medicine, to apply all these health-enhancing disciplines in a holistic approach that produces multiple benefits. For more information about Gabriela, please visit www.GabrielaBocanete.com.


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