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The art of translation: advanced translation techniques

Translation techniques are part and parcel of the translation process. For translation practitioners, it is helpful to understand what translation techniques are available to them and what they entail in terms of the decision-making process. They are a tool to handle problems and bring to light different ways of rendering target texts. Some techniques are tricky, however, as they entail selecting information for target readers based on the translator’s knowledge of the prospective readership of the translation.

In this video, we explore some of the more complex (and sometimes controversial) translation techniques that are part of the translator’s toolbox, such as cultural filtering, explicitness change, partial translation and coherence change. We use authentic source texts and analyse examples in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.


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Dr. Séverine Hubscher-Davidson

Séverine Hubscher-Davidson has twelve years of experience in educating translators and interpreters on both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. She is currently Head of Translation at The Open University (UK). She carries out research in the area of translators’ individual differences and is also a freelance translator.


1 hour 1 min

Who should watch it?

This video is appropriate for translation practitioners wishing to understand more about tricky translation techniques, so is ideal for translators wishing to understand the techniques involved in creating a good translation, and to enhance their understanding of the processes involved. It will suit those entering the profession and those with some experience, or those who perhaps did not enter the profession via the university route.

What are the benefits to you?

This video will help you improve your problem-solving capabilities with grounding in advanced translation techniques.

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  1. Gill

    I found the webinar interesting as it validated strategies I have been using for a while, so it was nice to know I was on the right path. I particularly liked the Gruffalo examples at the end.

  2. Stephanie

    This was a very interesting and fruitful webinar. Helping to know better what we do every day sometimes without even realising… The speaker really knows the subject matter and it made me want to research all this further. I would definitely attend other webinars on this topic… Thanks!

  3. The webinar was very well-structured, and effective examples were provided to illustrate the ideas presented.
    My main takeaways are the importance of awareness of why we choose a certain strategy over another while we translate, and being introduced to Andrew Chesterman’s book, Memes of Translation, which I bought, and am currently reading.

  4. Francoise Vignon

    I found the webinar really useful. It was clear, easy to follow and full of examples. The speaker was knowledgeable and her delivery fluent. I would attend another webinar run by her.

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