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Understanding the automotive industry for technical translators

In this video, participants can expect to gain a broad understanding of the global automotive industry that includes its value, production volumes and the general technologies that make up modern cars.

The technologies will include the general principles of an engine and key components as well as a similar insight in to other key components such as the suspension system and gearbox. We will also delve in to newer technologies such as hybrid systems and electric vehicle and the key technologies that make up these cars.

In addition, we cover the chassis and how it is produced – always referring to common technical terms used by industry professionals, what they mean and why they are relevant.


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Justin Cunningham

Justin has been closely following the engineering industry as a journalist for over a decade. He is editor of Engineering Materials magazine and is at the leading edge of how materials are put to use in the real world, as well as how they are being developed to answer tomorrow’s challenges.

His first class honours degree in aerospace engineering as well as working as a materials engineer for satellite company, Astrium, gives Justin a firm understanding of the practical considerations when looking at materials, and an authority on their application. He has also hosted a six-episode series for the Discovery Channel about Engineering, which called upon his materials knowledge to solve a variety of problems.


1 hour 23 min

Who should watch it?

Technical translators working in any industrial sector who wish to learn more about the materials used in industry.

What are the benefits to you?

After the video you will have clearer knowledge of the automotive industry from the technical standpoint and will be able to understand technologies of car manufacturing and design.

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