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Writing Copy for your Business Website

As translators we know that words on a business website are hugely important, but we are often so used to transferring ownership of those words back to the client, that we forget about the importance of our own words, on our own websites. Our online content is how our clients do a bit of window shopping, and how they get in touch, but it’s also how they find us, through our buddy Google. Let’s have a look at two ways that Google can help us.

We look at 7 things we should think about when we write content for our websites (you can equally apply these tips if you’re writing or localising a client’s website too).

  • Keywords count (but not like they used to)
  • Brevity is not best
  • Move to mobile
  • Achieving originality
  • Interesting & informative (and yes, Google can tell)
  • Picture perfect
  • To link or not to link?

This webinar is linked with Getting to Grips with Google Analytics, but you don’t need to watch one to understand the other.


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Jo Rourke


1 hour 6 min.

Who should watch it?

Translators who are thinking about improving their websites.

What are the benefits to you?

After this video you will be more aware of copywriting for website purposes.

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Add to My CPD Plan


  1. Grischa Raoul Wenzeler

    A very helpful seminar to understand the importance of writing and SEO for business websites. I thought I book this webinar before I get together with my website designer to get started on my own translation business website and I was certainly not disappointed! Jo is very knowledgeable on the subject and has years of experience from her own website and blogging.

  2. Sílvia Silva

    This was one of the most helpful webinars I attended in the last months, thanks to Jo Rourke! I am seriously thinking of building my own website, so this webinar came in the very right moment! With her experience and easy-to-understand explanations, Jo inspires us to write better and to choose the right sentences for our business websites. She knows what she is doing!

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