About the Video

You need a CV and cover letter that work!

In this webinar, Marta Stemaszak discusses the essential elements of making your CV and cover letter effective in a crowded market. She deals with the preparation and planning needed before preparing your translator or interpreter’s CV, analyses a good CV structure section by section, and talks about using the right words that make your CV work. She also looks at alternative CV solutions, such as visual CVs, infographics and video resumes.

The second part of the webinar covers the basics of writing persuasive cover letters aimed at project managers. You’ll learn how to start your letter, what to put emphasis on, and how to elicit response.

This webinar will help you boost your CV targeted at translation agencies and increase response levels through a well-crafted cover letter.

This video contains:

  • Where to use a CV?
  • Preparation and planning
  • Section-by-section overview
  • Language that works
  • Layout and design
  • Online advantage
  • Online disadvantage
  • Other formats and ideas
  • Cover letters


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Marta Stelmaszak


1 hour 14 minutes.

Who should watch it?

Both new and established translators with an interest in promoting their services.

What are the benefits to you?

This webinar will help you write better CVs and cover letters as a freelance translator.

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Add to My CPD Plan


  1. Maia Figueroa

    We have collected some of the comments from the webinar viewers from the previous site. Here they are!

    A definite eye-opener. Marta gives a lot of useful information. Not everything may appear to be as effective, but you can pick and choose elements and build a CV that in the end will work for you. At first I was put off by her own wealth of experience, but then I realised we all have our own strengths. It is about how you present them. On the other hand I was inspired by her accomplishments to become more active in inbound marketing.

    Certainly one of the best and most useful webinars I have ever attended. Marta is a compelling speaker and has the quality to share her knowledge and experience. She gives invaluable tips on how to move on and stand out from the crowd.

    A must-attend webinar! Marta shares extremely useful information and tips regarding the writing of successful CVs and cover letters. She analyses the structure of a freelancer’s CV section by section and she also deals with alternative, innovative CV solutions like visual CVs, infographics, etc. In this webinar you will also learn how to write an effective cover letter that will help you attract your potential clients. I am so glad I attended this webinar!

    Highly recommended. You’ll learn not only what to include in your CV and covering letter, but also how to adapt the content according to your prospective customer’s background and business type. The handouts are packed with useful information and practical examples.

    This webinar packed a huge amount of extremely relevant information into just over an hour. Marta explains when to send a CV and when not to, how to put it together, and offers advice on different CVs for different purposes. Importantly, she also gives sterling advice in a handout about the dangers of CV scammers.