3 free translator training videos from eCPD Webinars for a good start

As you can see, we’ve moved to our new platform and we hope you’re enjoying the benefits already, and now you can access 3 free translator training videos, too. Apart from streamlined design and functionality, you can now also set up an account with us to access all of your orders easily and manage your own My CPD Plan. If you’re not familiar with the platform yet, take a look at this video I recorded showing you around.

By accessing our 3 free translator training videos, you’ll be able to benefit not only from invaluable knowledge, but also test our ordering system. Plus, you can start setting up My CPD Plan and add your selected videos, webinars and courses to your wishlist.

Translation Techniques Order now!

For some, translating is an intuitive process based on the translator’s creative capability, while others believe that only specialists like lawyers or scientists can translate. This video views translation as a problem-solving process that involves factual knowledge, a command of the languages and cultures involved, the resources available to the translator, and procedural knowledge, that is, the techniques of the translation craft. Order now to benefit from free translator training.

The business of owning a CAT tool Order now!

Investing in a CAT tool is a big decision. Not only are you are investing hard-earned cash, but a considerable amount of time in training yourself to use it efficiently. Of course, the investment pays dividends in greater productivity, but many find it abhorrent that work providers (usually agencies) then insist on benefiting from the translator’s investment by paying reduced rates for exact or near matches to an existing translation memory segment. Order now to benefit from free translator training.

Translation technology – what’s missing and what has gone wrong? Order now!

The employment of technology has become crucial for the life of the professional translator. While there are many different levels of how technology can be used – from the spell-checking of a word processor all the way to machine translation – every user/translator should have some idea of what could be improved and what might in fact be an obstacle in his or her working life. This was a highly interactive session in which participants submitted questions before and during the session. Some technology vendors also took part in this session. Order now to benefit from free translator training.

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  1. I am giving serious consideration to changing my full-time occupation to ‘online course participant’. Your fabulous new website is a joy to visit: so clear and streamlined. I shall be visiting it as often as is sensible to do so.

    • Thank you Allison! We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have an opening for an online course participant 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. Diana Jankowiak

    The platform looks great and I can see lots of new functionalities. Seems like translator training is finally flawless 🙂

  3. Catherine Howard

    Wow, what a make-over! I know doing a whole new website is a huge undertaking, but it sure was worth it. Everything in the new site looks positively gorgeous and functions so perfectly. Congratulations and thank you!
    Catherine Howard