Keeping abreast of changes in translation industry

How to keep abreast of changes in translation industry

I am publishing this blog to remind all our avid readers that you can sign up to one of our lists to receive helpful lists of resources for translators and interpreters.

The service is absolutely free. All you have to do is subscribe to one, some, or all of our categories which we’ve listed below.

In return, we will send you emails with useful resources, such as blogs, articles, courses, and videos (free and paid) every 30 days to keep you on the right track with your CPD.

We have received some excellent feedback from those who have subscribed already. The lists tweetcontain links to places you might not otherwise have found in your own searches, all in one easy-to-access place.

Seven different categories: here they are

The categories are:  business and translation, legal, financial, interpreting, tools and research, creative and literary, medical, science and technology.
Each of the above links takes you to the original blog where you can subscribe to the list in question.

CPD BadgeHere at eCPD we truly believe in helping you achieve your potential. Life is busy, life is expensive, life is hectic. We try to make things a little easier on the continuing education front by providing affordable, convenient learning, along with as much guidance as we are able. All in a mission to enhance the translation profession in the eyes of its practitioners, and more importantly, our clients. This way, we can all keep abreast of changes in translation industry.

newsletter-566346__340Too many mails?

While we are on the subject of mailing lists. If you think you are getting too many emails from us, you can opt out of some of them by going to the preferences link at the bottom of any of our newsletters.

We publish a newsletter every couple of weeks, and we also send reminders for all our webinars. When we have a promotion we send emails announcing these. We run quite a lot of webinars and courses, so if you don’t need them, opt out of the reminders and keep the main newsletter coming.


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