Who we are

We offer high-quality online training and online webinars to help translators, interpreters and other professional linguists develop their careers and run their businesses efficiently and profitably. We organise special online training courses for in-depth study, as well as more general on-line webinar training for all levels of translator and interpreter.

eCPD Webinars was established in 2010 by Lucy Brooks, and acquired by the CIOL (Chartered Institute of Linguists) board in 2018. Today, the company is run by Karolina Karczmarek-Giel (Business Operations Manager), with the strong support of Jane Galbraith (Managing Director for eCPD Webinars and Head of Membership for CIOL) and the CIOL Marketing and Communications team. The eCPD has a Board comprising of Jane Galbraith, eCPD Managing Director, Ann Carlisle CIOL CEO, and Karen Stokes, Member of CIOL Council.

Our head office is in Central London in the UK, with a regional office in Barcelona, Spain. We are supported by a team of speakers from all over the world. We are a limited company, registered in the UK as eCPD Ltd. Company registration no. 7230693. Registered address: 7th Floor, 167 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2EA, UK.

eCPD Webinars is owned by the Chartered Institute of Linguists. This attests to the quality of the training and presentations we provide. We have also received accreditation from the Dutch Bureau Wbtv.

What we do

eCPD Webinars enables busy and committed professionals in language-related industries to learn from the top experts in their field and to improve their careers, all from the comfort of their home or office.

We do this in by offering a programme of relevant events directly to individual linguists.

eCPD Webinars is dedicated to language professionals and to anyone working in the language industry, including translators, interpreters, terminologists, project managers and those working in areas such as localisation, subtitling, and technical writing.

  • Our company is run by language professionals for language professionals.
  • Our speakers are drawn from a pool of experts in their field.
  • Our events currently attract attendees from all over Europe, North America, Asia, South America and Australasia.
  • We are regular contributors to key industry publications on topics related to professional development for translators and interpreters.
  • We are the only company to run online events on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

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